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A Life in Celebrity Encounters

When I was little, maybe eight or so, my family accidentally met Bill Clinton on a visit to Jamestown. It was exciting, but it also felt kind of natural at the time. Like, yeah, of course I’ll run into him eventually, how many people’s names do I even know in the world. Basically like 15 at that point, not counting “Emma’s mom,” and “the babysitter.” But Bill Clinton, that one I knew. He was overwhelmingly charismatic. I can still remember how good it felt just to stand near him, like I was in a little pocket of fizzy yellow happiness. “Hello,” he said, “I like your shirt.” For a while [...]


Carly Simon Knows How to Have Fun

Carly, if you're reading this, can you please make some more vlogs? You haven't made a new one in six months. If you don't want to do vlogs these days, could you and your dogs at least make more new music videos for all of your hit songs?


We Need to Talk About Elvis

If you're watching crappy reality TV when one of the characters says something about being friends with music super producer David Foster's ex-wife and you look her up and click on this photo of her and ex-boyfriend Elvis, you might eventually end up ignoring your TV show and instead digging through an insanely detailed Elvis timeline. Thirteen years before meeting Linda, "Elvis used a three-day pass to visit Munich and call unannounced on Vera Tschechowa, an 18-year-old actress whom he'd met a few months earlier. Together, they visited the Moulin Rouge nightclub." And so on…


Unreleased Celebrity Fragrances

27th Precinct by Jerry Orbach: Notes of pepperoni and shoe polish on an instant coffee base. Leathery, minimal, and cost-effective, this fragrance feels like a big, crusty hug, and is perfect for those stressful mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed.

Wool of the King by Lana Del Rey: Imitation gold is overwhelmed by corrosive notes of Mountain Dew, gas station bathroom hand sanitizer, and chlorine. Spritz it on your angora sweaters, your dogeared copy of Lolita, or your money!

Sherlocked by Benedict Cumberbatch: Notes of the finest bergamot and saffron mingle with the overpowering aromas of black tea, gunpowder, and clammy bedsheets, in a fragrance that works best when [...]


I Heart Depressing Charts

Thanks, Tom Hanks. We always knew you had our (aging, aching) backs. Now, who volunteers to resuscitate Kristen Stewart after this woman takes her out?


"The Red Carpet Project"

Here is a new game where you endlessly sort 478 Oscar outfits by celebrity, color, designer, and style, but not price.

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What You're Missing at Sundance: Meh, Not Too Much?

The first humbling is the airport. Salt Lake City International, around 11 a.m. Baggage claim has been repurposed into a holding pen — L.A. blondes in fur-cuffed ski jackets, men wearing big puffy coats with strange, sun-like logos on the sleeves. Cowboy hats, bright pink vests, Burberry bags. All the women’s boots are huge and excessive and trimmed with what seem like entire menageries of tiny, hirsute animals.

So far, despite what that quote would lead you to believe, Zach Baron's dispatches from Sundance contain just the right mix of information about the movies and celebrity gossip. Por ejemplo, he watched a Michael Cera vehicle ("It’s hard to overstate [...]


How to End Your Celebrity Profile: The Soundtrack

"Ballin'," Young Jeezy

"'And that', he says, smiling, 'is a great feeling.'" (Gerard Butler, Men's Journal, November 2012)

"'I'm finally part of a family, and it's a miracle.'" (Drew Barrymore, Allure, January 2013)

"There is Blue, and a big, boundless future ahead." (Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Vogue, March 2013)

"'One thing that is exciting about being a woman is that you can rediscover your beauty over and over.'" (Salma Hayek, Allure, September 2011)

"She flashes a radiant smile. 'All you have to have is a dream, and then you make it happen,' she says." (Gisele Bundchen, Vanity Fair, May 2009)

"After acknowledging the euphoric guests, the president said, 'Excuse [...]


"Eartha Kitt and The Man Who Sat There — All Night!"

"The Battle of Bobbed Hair: Photoplay Magazine has made a national investigation of the problem to help you make up your mind. Read what they all say, pro and con. Weigh it carefully and then let your conscience decide." —A battles for the ages. Anne Helen Petersen found this and many more SHOCKING headlines from Classic Hollywood to tide us over until she reveals her next "Scandal."


Blue Ivy, According to Etsy

Blue Ivy Friendship Bracelet, $11