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Animal Surprise: The One Blue Pussy


The Harsh Mellow Pie


Previously: The Sedentary Pie

Ann Friedman is just high enough.


The Best Time I Took a Rescue Cat to a Pet Psychic

Imagine if The Nothing from Neverending Story coupled with a bumbling cartoon bear forever getting its head stuck in pots of honey. That’s Milo! Born of the dumpsters, he spent three years living in a well-appointed cat rescue shelter in northeast Portland, passed over (they guessed) because of his age and because he’s black. Superstitions die hard, and more than one shelter volunteer has told me black animals don’t photograph well, their personalities don’t come through so easily. It’s true. In his most expressive photo from the House of Dream’s Instagram account, Milo is mid-silent-meow, and looks not unlike Sloth from The Goonies—which is to say, disoriented and asymmetric.

He [...]


"Men In Cat T-Shirts," to the Tune of "Nights in White Satin"

(For your reference.)

Men in cat T-shirts, drinking beer in the sun Loving the 2013 Sierra BrewFest, loving their fun Lager from Tahoe, what's this corporate Shock Top Now they take a quick break, for their photo op

In cat T-shirts, in cat T-shirts, ohhh, in cat T-shirts!

They can drink all they want, for a mere thirty bucks Pouring stops at six-thirty, and that kind of sucks Still they’ve got three long hours which is plenty of time To get drunk and show revelers how they prize the feline

In cat T-shirts, in cat T-shirts, ohhh, in cat T-shirts!

The glasses are small [...]


Take It From Cats

If someone moves to make room for you, take up more room.

If someone is looking over there, there's something to see.

If somebody sneezes, run.

If someone brings a bag into your home, look inside it.

If you don't want someone to leave, sit on his suitcase .

Clean between your toes.

Flaunt your full figure.

Hide loose change.

Even though you can take care of yourself, it's okay to let someone be nice to you.

It is perfectly fine to take a nap on the laundry.


Real Sub-Headings I Have Considered For My Thesis

A completely serious list.

"Whose Line Is It Anyway?": Improvisational Speech Acts

How To Talk About The Death Drive At Cocktail Parties

Girl, Interrupted: In Gothic fiction, only heroines seem to faint

Two Is The Loneliest Number

Driving Out of Time

Pathos and Pathology

Tweet, Memory

Creepily Benevolent Masculinites: Caspar Goodwood versus Casper the Friendly Ghost

"I'm Pregnant" and The Periperformative

Hangry and Other Food Feelings

A Will To Irrationality

Freud's Penis Envy in Beyond The Pleasure Principle


Finally, A Wine Just for Cats

"B&H Lifes decided to develop the drink for those wanting to celebrate birthdays or Christmas with their beloved cats." Gewürztrameower? Clawdonnay? [Kotaku]


"A pink backpack set atop the feline resembles sliced raw fish"

"Japanese company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts have composed ‘neko-sushi’, a photographic series of posters and postcards which unite cats and sushi": I have some ethical questions about this project, but the captions ("the playful scene transforms the red ping pong paddle into a piece of tuna") are top-notch. [Design Boom]


We Salute Hero Cat

It would be irresponsible to not acknowledge the heroic catwork of Hero Cat, a hero of a cat from Bakersfield, Calif., who saved a child from an attacking dog recently. We salute you, Hero Cat. [KRON 4 News]


What I've Been Up To

Edith, what have you been up to since you sort of left The Hairpin? Asked no one. Well, I got really into Seamless, watched OITNB, and went to Massachusetts a few times. I also got really into the Birthday Personality Tumblr — and so will you, now, please! (thank you, Sachar!) — and Coke Zero, again.

There's also the Hairpin Travel Serial (more on that shortly, and longly, and for many weeks to come!), and then that's about it. I really enjoyed reading Choire Sicha's book, and Rachel B. Glaser's amazing and excellently weird Moods. I've been listening to "Headband" (NSFW) a lot. Also HAIM's "[...]