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Stop Brushing Your Teeth: An Interview With Frances McKee of The Vaselines

The fact that Frances McKee and Eugene Kelly are making music together again is a bit unbelievable. After all, the pair, who formed the Glasgow-based band The Vaselines in the late 1980s, went their separate ways right before what would have been their big break: Nirvana covering “Son of A Gun” and “Molly's Lips” on Incesticide, and performing “Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam” on MTV Unplugged a year later.

Being Kurt Cobain's favorite band during the years Nirvana was everyone else's favorite band should have translated to mega-success for the duo. They were primed and ready with an excellent first full-length album, Dum-Dum. But Kelly [...]


What Would Susan Miller Say? My Octocalypse Journal

For months, famed free astrologist and amateur soothsayer Susan Miller had been warning in her horoscopes that October would bring Hard Times, because Mercury would enter retrograde.

I know. A free Internet astrologist? One with a website that appeared to have survived the fall of Netscape Navigator, the Dot Com bubble, Web 2.0 over-engineering, and the Great Recession fallout entirely unchanged? Pointing to is analogous to the gang in Scooby Doo! entering a witchdoctor’s house looking for clues—you kind of already know what kind of nonsense you’re getting yourself into. But her mysticism—broad, careful wording, a firm grasp of generational vanity and provincial foibles—isn’t about specifics.

Really, [...]