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The Best Time I Said Yes to Everything for a Week and Ended Up Having Bad Sex (Twice), Going Camping and Contracting Shingles

"You know, I’m just really coming from a place of yes,” I confessed out loud to the table, knowing exactly how I sounded, and also that no one would blink in this group of Los Angeles girls who all seemed to be successful in a certain way: the way where jobs were creative, everyone seemed to have free time (the most creative job is no job), and somehow still have money for cheese plates, cigarettes and lots of daytime rosé.

I had moved back to LA after being in Santa Barbara for five years, and I was trying to reestablish a life for myself. I’d never been any good at [...]


Fear Not, My Deer

"This post was supposed to be about menstrual odor and wild animals, really it was. But the more reading I did on the topic, the further the material lead me to think more deeply about the cultural meanings around menstruation, particularly related to the idea of menstrual blood as polluting." —Kate Clancy on attracting bears, "deer fear," and whether our periods force the men to go a-hunting.


The Human Snail

Have you ever wished you could pull a house of your neck and fall asleep on the ground? Here's how Michelle gets from step one to three in about 90 seconds.


Hiking the Tetons

Molly Langmuir went camping last September.

Edith Zimmerman: Molly, you hiked the Tetons alone last fall. How did that come about?

Molly Langmuir: In 2006 I got a summer internship at the local paper in Jackson, Wyoming, where I was reporting hard-hitting stories about things like pig wrestling and dude ranch barbecues, so I had a fair amount of free time on my hands. I also had no friends — I met lots of nice people, but they were all these uber-technical athletes who spent their weekends doing sports I'd never even heard of, while I had applied to the job because I had always liked hiking, which [...]


The Bear Witch

Don't worry about the abrupt ending, though, because as the uploader explains on YouTube, "friend being stalked by a bear." Wait. WAIT. Waaait!