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What, Me Buy?

The Atlantic has an interesting piece on why young people aren't buying houses these days, and how it's all Kate Bolick and the economy's fault. (I blame her pantaloons.) (Elsewhere in homeownership: "Be well, travel light, and give it all away.")


Nail Polish and Champagne

Of all the indicators we looked at, one of the most consistently accurate was Champagne sales. The amount of French Champagne that Americans consume has predicted — with nearly 90 percent accuracy — the average American income one year later. Apparently, when we pop a Champagne cork, we know that good times are ahead (see chart).

Interesting. And apparently nail polish does a similar thing, but in reverse — sales go up when the economy goes down.

(Ecru-nomic Rejuvenation? No? No, not at all.)


The Best Worst Stuff People Tried to Sell at the Junk Shop

I work in a junk shop in a far northside neighborhood in Chicago. We buy, sell, trade … the whole nine. The “buy” part means we get plenty of characters looking to unload stuff for cash. Sometimes itʼs awesome stuff like antique silver, World War II memorabilia, or vintage furniture, but other times itʼs a trash bag full of empty DVD cases and an open package of Kotex Overnight Ultra Thin With Wings.

Weʼll also buy things in lots because there might be a valuable necklace, vintage toy, or first edition book in the box, but outside of that one thing weʼre left with a bunch of crap. And [...]