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“My elves make goose liver with Tokaji — sweet Hungarian wine. It complements the liver’s saltiness.”

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I walked around Brooklyn and asked people to discuss family recipes.




“Memorable moments. Where do I begin?”

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked 20 moms to describe memorable moments of their motherhood. Now it’s time for the dads.


Brooklyn Has the Wildest Picnics

"In four hours, the crew filled 22 bags. Among the contents: Cigar wrappers. Tissue paper. Empty bottles of vodka and coconut rum. A gold lamé thong. A studded dog collar. Stapled pages of a manuscript. Subway cards. A hypodermic needle. A pair of pants. Chips packets. Breath mints. A raccoon skull. And, according to the volunteers’ estimates, upward of 2,000 condom wrappers and 600 condoms. The group had just cleaned the same area two weeks earlier." —Did you drop anything last time you were partying in the woods of Brooklyn's Prospect Park?


Brooklyn v. Manhattan, Round 3,829,416

"I actually like the fact that much of Brooklyn is not open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But there are times (mainly when I can't sleep) that I gaze across to the shining island of shininess and wish it delivered. Also, hospitals, gah. There's a reason they call it "Woodhell," people. My wife (born in Manhattan, lived in Brooklyn for 15 years) has told me she would actually rather die than go to Woodhull." — Hey, I lived there happily for five years, but I see Jonny Diamond of The L Magazine's five points on Brooklyn's inferiority to Manhattan. Also, I almost wrote Jason Diamond, who [...]


"Peter Luger"

Wow. I do not know if I can accurately describe what I saw just now, but I will try.

First I heard yelling in the street, which is pretty common, so I didn't pay much attention, but then certain words began to register — "oh my god are you SERIOUS … oh my god WILLIAMSBURG," etc. (I do not live in Williamsburg) — but I still figured it was just a brief cab scuffle. Things went quiet for a while, then, a couple minutes later, "Are you Arecibo? ARE. YOU. ARECIBO?" I think I missed a sentence or two at this point, but what eventually drew me to the window [...]


Friends, "I'm His Girl"

I’ve been crushing majorly on the Brooklyn band Friends ever since their video for “Friend Crush.” They make music that sounds kind of like Lykke Li circa Youth Novels, but a little dreamier and with a bit of a disco edge. Now they’ve released the video for their funky pop number, “I’m His Girl,” and I think it’s full-fledged love. I mean, that bass line alone! But, also, this is the best song about healthy relationships that has ever been recorded. Samantha Urbani not only looks fly in this video, she delivers some serious wisdom. Wisdom like knowing that your worth doesn't depend on your relationship status and that relationships are [...]


The Risk of Forbidding Dolls

"My sister's doll had blonde hair and mine was a brunette, and I wanted the blonde-haired doll, so we were fighting in the back of the taxi. When we got out of the cab, my mother took both dolls, broke their heads off, threw them out, and said, 'You will never have dolls again.'" Not so: Kathy Libraty of Brooklyn has proven her mother wrong.


One Afternoon in Williamsburg


Bus Driver Hates on Woman's iPhone "Boombox"

"So, I was riding the B62 towards Williamsburg," writes YouTube user anyland, "when this lady starts playing music on her iPhone. The bus driver … asks her to turn it off or use headphones," and the woman flirts back. (NSFW audio.)



The Duane Reade With the Bar in It

In order to charm the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the ubiquitous drugstore chain Duane Reade knew it had to do something special, and next to selling vegetable starter kits and composting worms, beer is probably one of the most on-point things they could offer, and so they are. While taking over all vacant and/or lagging commercial corners of the New York metropolitan area, the company is also "trying to find what works in our community," a representative told the Times, and Williamsburg "was an area that was devoid of opportunities for beer." Um! In drugstores, maybe.