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Thoughts I Had at Naked Yoga

Who is going to be naked first.

Oh that lady’s naked, that was fast.

And now that guy’s naked too.

If I don’t get naked fast I’ll be the only one not naked. OK I’m naked. OK now I’m sitting and I’m naked.

Stop thinking so much.

But I’m naked.

It’s OK, just stop thinking, focus on your breath.

Oh you mean my naked breath.

Yes, fine, your naked breath.

Why are there mirrors.

Don’t worry about it.

There really shouldn’t be mirrors.

Sure, but there are.

Wow late to class, really? Really? With your clothes on and everything you’re gonna walk into a room full of naked people—

Shhh. [...]


Time Frames

The Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey opened in 1937 and closed in 1990. The 600-acre grounds are dotted by Tudor-style "cottages" that housed up to 55 patients each, which are in turn dwarfed by the larger, looming treatment buildings. "This is the kind of place people were talking about when they said someone had been ‘put away,'" Greg Roberts, chief executive at the hospital for 17 years, told the New York Times as he packed up his office. "For a long time, that's what happened—people were put here and all but forgotten."

Legend has it that the builders approached the owner of a local slaughterhouse, looking to buy [...]