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Study Says You Are a Lush

"The study, published in Substance Use and Misuse, found that participants poured 12 percent more wine into a wide glass than a narrow glass. They also poured 12 percent more wine into a glass they were holding, versus one placed on a table. Color contrast affected pours, too. Participants over-poured white wine into a clear glass by 10 percent. There was less over-pouring when the wine was red."

Researchers at Iowa State University and Cornell have found that wine drinkers "often don’t know much they are consuming," which is really a crazy claim: the answer is "just a splash." [Via]


What Goes With Your High School Reading List?

All this fervor over The Great Gatsby got me thinking about what you might drink while revisiting your high school syllabus.  Dust off those old paperbacks. Nostalgia is always better with booze.

The obvious thing to pair with Gatsby is something like a Tom Collins, or an historically accurate Champagne the characters would have swilled at raucous parties.  But we’re a little more interesting than that.  There’s no better way to be borne back ceaselessly into the past than with Madeira—the stuff lasts forever, just like the secrets from your past.  Even at a century or two old, they can still feel zingy and alive. [...]


*~ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ ~*

Tequila's maybe surprisingly good for you, until it's not.


What Goes With Your Breakup?

Breakups and alcohol are inextricably linked, so here are some ideas to get you through your next one. I mean, if you’re going to be lying on the floor listening The Boatman’s Call and crying, you might as well drink something worthy of Nick Cave.

More often than raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, or snozzberries, wine evokes a state of mind or type of person to me. I stick my nose in a glass of boring Merlot, the kind that's marketed to grocery stores and mid-tier hotel restaurants, and get a visceral image of this mean, small-minded office manager I worked for right after I graduated from college. I mutter, “I bet [...]


The Cheap Wine Report

When I quit drinking over 10 years ago it was with the stated goal of “making new mistakes” instead of “making the same mistake over and over.” The same mistake over and over was mostly Pabst Blue Ribbon and Bushmill’s, and now that I am over six months into my relapse I can state definitively that I have not made that mistake again. Most beers just taste gross to me. I’d like to think that my tastes have matured, but really no part of me has ever really gotten better at anything. My friend Will considers most of the current beers to be based on some kind of notion that [...]


Some Bloody Marys of Brooklyn

Here's a "guide" to 10 versions of one kind of brunch cocktail in one smallish area of one city, in the unlikely case that that's at all useful to you.

[Via Meredith.]


What Goes With Your Netflix Marathon

Sometimes it’s impossible to deal with going on a real date, attending a cultural event where you might actually have to think, or doing whatever else you’re supposed to be doing with your leisure time to be a well-rounded human being. Sometimes you need to binge-watch your favorite television shows in slipper socks and mismatched pajamas. Here’s what to drink with what you’re watching.

The iconic girl-power series Buffy the Vampire Slayer cries out for semi-sweet Riesling. Look for feinherb, Kabinett, or halbtrocken on the label, and don’t be afraid of inexpensive liter bottles. Like Buffy, on the surface, off-dry Riesling is all fun and lightness and floral aromas. I [...]


What Goes With Your Summer Ennui?

Most magazines would have you believe summer is all Fourth of July parties with themed desserts that turn out perfectly and fabulous beach vacations. But what about the rest of us?

“One word: Plastics!”

You’ve just graduated, and it seems like everyone you know is off to travel through Europe for the summer, or do an internship at some crazy tech startup that makes you wish you’d paid more attention to math in high school instead of obsessively reading every letter F. Scott Fitzgerald ever wrote to anyone, and all you’ve got is an apartment with no air conditioning and the worst ventilation ever, and a terrible temp job at [...]


What Goes With Your Spring Crush?

Ah, Spring. Tulips pushing out of damp mulch, the first, furtive glimpses of bare shoulders, and, on the East Coast, cicadas crawling out of the ground to destroy your sanity. A time of fecundity, when your thoughts turn to your next sweaty makeout session. Or, in our climate-changed world, a time of wildly swinging temperatures, high winds, and freak snowstorms. Either way, crushes are an excellent distraction. Here are some wines to drink with said distractions — or while thinking of them. Because sometimes the thinking is the best part…

The Cute Barista – How do their hairstyles come to exist? Do really cool people all just cut one another’s [...]


Let's Have a Michelada

Who's invited to your Cinco de Mayo party?

Previously: The Backyard BBQ Michelada.

Also, unrelated: Prom now costs eleven hundred dollars.