“I’ll Never Write My Memoirs”

What will your memoir be called?

7 Hilarious Books Written by Women

No one’s life is fun (or funny) all the time, but these ladies have given us permission to laugh at their embarrassment, their triumph, and their lack of ability to perform adult tasks. No doubt you’ll start to think about your own life… and the times you said, “someday we’ll laugh about this”. Someday can start now, on the beach, with a cool drink in your hand.

A Woman On The Margins

There are some particularly good points in this interview with Vivian Gornick—I like the part where she says that she “didn’t give a shit about women’s sexuality” because she “had orgasms easily” because, like, girl, get it—but I am mostly thinking about how much I’m trying to walk before it gets really, really hot out.

On writing in books

Are you an A or a B?

A Blue Rush: Discussing “Bluets”

New Lovers

Totally Official, Very Earnest, Not-Joking Book Recommendations for the Next Hairpin Book Club

A Recent Visit To A Local Bookstore

The Last Player in The Game Wins