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Risky Business

“The emergent theme—that life is a never-ending series of unintended consequences—is a bit of a bummer. Although probably a healthy bummer to consider.”

Julie Doucet, “My New York Diary”


An Eileen Myles Appreciation Post

“I never wanted to be a poet. I wanted to be a spaceman. So this is it.”

The World According To Cintra Wilson

Fashion is contagious.

We Need To Talk About The New Elena Ferrante Book

Delayed gratification.

“The Left Hand of Darkness” Really Is At Last An eBook

Get it, get it, go get it.

You Can Get Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “Between the World and Me” by Next Week!

Publishing a book takes unnecessary years. This is ostensibly because of supply chains and long-lead press and catalogues and all that jazz, but mostly it’s just a sign of an industry trapped between failing strategies and terrible compromises. But good news!

The Princess And The Pony

“Should it be about a princess?”

“I’ll Never Write My Memoirs”

What will your memoir be called?

7 Hilarious Books Written by Women

No one’s life is fun (or funny) all the time, but these ladies have given us permission to laugh at their embarrassment, their triumph, and their lack of ability to perform adult tasks. No doubt you’ll start to think about your own life… and the times you said, “someday we’ll laugh about this”. Someday can start now, on the beach, with a cool drink in your hand.