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Unofficial Official Hairpin 3.0 Book Club: The Pillow Book

*Looks up from book* Oh, hello! *Puts book down* *Rolls up sleeves on artfully slouchy cardigan* *Folds up tortoiseshell glasses that accentuate intellect while simultaneously enhancing natural beauty somehow* I didn’t see you come in! I was just sitting here, indulging in some highbrow literature, *Conspicuously pushes smuttier reading material out of frame with foot* I am here today to announce the launch of the Unofficial Official Hairpin 3.0 Book Club.

What was the book club? To fully understand, let’s break it down into its parts. “Book,” as we all know, refers to that thing we read when the Internet is down. And Webster’s Dictionary defines [...]


Pin Reads: Geek Love

For Pin Reads, we're going to pick novels that we read and loved at some point, but probably gave away or lost in a move or left out in the rain, but that we sometimes think about when we're stuck on the subway or sitting in a super-boring meeting or listening to some a-hole drone on about ____ (zzzz), so that we wish we were once again in a different place (like, wherever that book once took us).


Writers Writing About Writers (and Musicians, and Artists, and and)

I was in New York a few weeks ago and I did something truly outrageous—I walked into my favorite bookstore, turned to Anna, and was like, "I'm only allowed to buy one book, ok?", and then actually bought only one book. I hope you can appreciate the magnitude of this event because it has, quite literally, never happened before and will probably never happen again.


Welcome to Ross Douthat's Book Club

Notoriously mansplaining Times columnist Ross Douthat made a foray into literary criticism this weekend when he cited Adelle Waldman’s novel The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P as evidence for why fathers with daughters may, and should, tack conservative. Let me elucidate. In the dating milieu chronicled (astutely) by Waldman, women are vulnerable to shagging slightly misogynistic dudes like protagonist Nathaniel P. And these women are presumably someone’s daughter. Thus, Douthat’s “Daughter Theory” goes, fathers naturally hearken back to a more conservative society where they could be assured that their daughters lacked encouragement to date and sleep around, and were therefore no longer liable to have their [...]