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Turtle or Famous Pilot?

A bone was found on the uninhabited island of Nikumaroro, near the southwest Pacific nation of Kiribati, and experts are trying to determine whether it's Amelia Earhart's finger or a turtle's.


Never Mind About Vitamin D and Calcium

If you have any brains, you knew this was coming (or hoped it was, because what the F): the slow, vitamin-by-vitamin retraction of all that overzealous antioxidant baloney that has been flooding pretty much everything we eat, from orange juice to yogurt to potato chips to chapstick, for the past five years or so. It seemed to start with Vitamin B, which is literally dumped into energy drinks like Vitamin Water and Monster, but which, like so many things in this world, but particularly vitamins, is not recommended in large quantities. Now, we turn to the two things that are forced on women of all ages at every turn: [...]