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How to Deal with Weird Body Hair

Welcome. I see you’ve clicked on the link about weird body hair. Is it because you’re looking for ways to get rid of yours? Is it because you have some and want to make sure it’s normal? Is it because you were also betrayed by health class and were more prepared to grow black hair on your tongue from smoking a cigarette than grow nipple hairs or tiny chin hairs or the occasional single chest hair?

It’s okay. You’re in a safe space. Let’s address a few questions about some of the lesser-discussed body hairs.


Ten Men Weigh in on Body Hair

"Girls can change it up, and then it’s like I’m having sex with multiple people without all the guilt or mental juggling that I’m quite frankly not clever enough for anyway." —For those of us who spend all day thinking about body hair, here's something to help pass the time.


On Hair, There and Everywhere, and Intra-Cultural Shame

“A girl told me today that I would be a lot prettier if I got my eyebrows threaded. So I told her she’d be a lot prettier if she got surgery to turn her fivehead into a forehead!!”

File that one under the “swing and a miss” column of my sick burn top hits listicle, but biting wit notwithstanding, my mother was unperturbed.

“Maybe you should start threading your eyebrows,” she conceded, staring fervently at the thicket perched above my nose like it was an unsolvable calculus problem.

I was not expecting that response. I was nine.


Who Should Pay for Dates, Human Fur, and Sex Etiquette

God has cursed me with fur. Fully dressed, I look pretty good in a skinny indie-kid way, but as soon as clothes start coming off, I might as well be draped in a shag carpet, and I am REALLY self-conscious about it. I'm sure the look works for muscle-bound lumberjacks, but I'm built like a stick insect. I wouldn't mind putting extra effort into grooming, but where do I start? Could you, like, rank bodyparts in order of how horrible they look covered in fur? Or should I just do an all-over trim so it doesn't get too long anywhere?

Firstly (furstly? ugh), God has not cursed [...]


"More … comparison is needed"

Only about 20 percent of women rated the more hirsute versions of the men as more attractive.

Whaaat? (Related, timeless: The Top 10 Chest Hairs of All Time.)