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Ask a Jeweler: A Buyer’s Guide to Diamonds

This is the second installment in a series about diamonds. For part one, click here.

As you can see by Marilyn’s facial expression, buying a diamond is equal parts exciting and confusing. I’ve tried to answer some FAQs to help you get the best diamond for your hard-earned money.

How is the quality of a diamond determined? How do these factors affect price?

The price of a diamond is directly related to its rarity. The more difficult it is to find and manufacture a particular diamond, the more expensive the diamond will be. A stone’s rarity is majorly determined by its carat weight, color, clarity and cut, otherwise [...]


Ask a Jeweler: A Beginner’s Guide to Diamonds, Part I

We've looked at pearls; now it's time for diamonds. Let's do this.


In the center of tectonic plates are places that remain still and stable as thinner edges of the earth’s crust stretch and swirl around them. These places are called cratons, and they extend hundreds of miles below the surface, ancient bedrock as reliable as Atlas, pushing into the dense mantle that surrounds the core. If you were a mole person, capable of tunneling about 100 miles down into one of these cratons, and you lived sometime between 1 billion and 3.3 billion years ago, you might notice that the temperature and the pressure was just [...]


The President's Many Gifts

The State Department has published a list of all the gifts President Obama, his family, and staff received in 2009. It's a 52-page document that includes the gifts' value, where the State Department put them, who gave them, and "Circumstances justifying acceptance," which in every case seems to include the description "Non-acceptance would cause embarrassment to donor and U.S. Government." In some of the cases, you can just see Obama snapping his fingers in mock regret—12 silk ties from President Berlusconi! But does he get to keep any of it? It doesn't look like it. Most gifts are put in the "Archives Foreign" or transferred to "General Services [...]