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"It’s perfectly possible that she will react badly."

A man writes into The Guardian asking for advice about whether to tell his bride to be that a) he is bisexual and b) he has had sex with her dad before. Let's just trust that this incredible coincidence is real, and get into it. I feel like the author spends far too much time encouraging him to reveal his bisexuality (which, yes! Be honest with your future spouse about your sexual identity whenever possible!) and not nearly enough addressing the fact that HE HAD SEX WITH HER DAD.

If she can come to terms with your admission, then you’ve chosen the right person for you. If not, she [...]


Becoming Bisexual, Part Two: No Longer Just for Ladies!

1. Crush exclusively on boys until you see t.A.T.u.'s “All The Things She Said” video at age 10.

2. Realize that girls can like girls, too.

3. Realize quickly that a lot of people in Arkansas circa 2002 think homosexuality is unacceptable.

4. Quash any non-platonic feelings for girls.

5. Date no one until high school; then, date only boys.

6. Crush on a femme bisexual girl in ninth grade.

7. Crush on her girlfriend, who wears clothes traditionally worn by teenage boys and has the cutest freckles.

8. Tell your mom that said femme bisexual girl is bisexual. Your mother says it's disgusting and unnatural and even [...]


It Is Embarrassing That Science Needed to Tell Us This

You've all heard, by now, that bisexual men are real?

They're real.

Me, I always assumed there were plenty of them, and that most of them just said "oh, you know, if society is going to shit all over me for being attracted to dudes, I'm going to just say, aw, screw it, and just date chicks."


The Pubic Issue, Non-Monosexuality 101, and The Cool Gay Auntie

So… I need pubic hair advice. I've been considering sleeping with women, and in my imagining of it, there's a lot more oral sex than I've typically had with men. Which I'm totally down for, but I'm really turned off by the idea of such close encounters with hair around the labia on myself or my partner. In your experience, do most queer chicks shave/wax for this reason? Or is this an aversion I'll eventually get over if I decide I'm queer? This has weirdly been a big mental hurdle for me.

First of all, you should be aware that oral sex is not actually a requirement for girl-on-girl [...]


How to Become a Bisexual/Queer-Identified/Questioning Person in Several Easy Steps

(Four women’s experiences.)

1. Crush on your boyfriend’s female roommate. Spend way more time in your strained relationship than you should.

2. Date your first girlfriend, in college.


4. Have a terrifying existential crisis about “what you are." Come out to your parents, who are more confused than you are.

5. Graduate, still date men and women. Feel excited about not being a LUG, then feel ashamed of yourself.

6. Debate whether it’s worth coming out to your extended family. Wonder whether you’ll be allowed to bring your girlfriend to your brother’s wedding.


Bisexuals, Clingy Exes, and the Return of the Heart/Vagina

I'm a woman in my mid-thirties. I consider myself bisexual and have for many years, though my sexual experience is limited and I've never had a relationship a woman. It's not because I didn't want to, it was simply a matter of not meeting an available woman I was interested in. I've had sex with two women and both were straight (the first was the adventurous type who will try anything once; the second was trying to spice up her marriage). I've kissed/made out with several women, but for most of them it was typical college experimentation and/or male attention-getting. I enjoyed those experiences, but it wasn't the same [...]


Bi Identification, Moving Out, and the Rhinestone-Encrusted Manicure

1. I am a lady who has identified as bi since she was sixteen, in an 'I like people based purely on music taste and tattoos' kind of way. I lived in a conservative town so I didn't act on liking ladies seriously until uni, when I had some short-term relationships with unsuitable women. I ended up dating a man who got very turned on by the idea or inviting a woman into bed with us. He was really into BDSM, and we had a master/slave aspect to everything we did. He wanted it to be like that 24/7, but it was just the entirety of our private life. Eventually [...]


Cheaters, Young People, and Advice for the "Straight-Looking"

I have a question about exes, specifically the idea (stereotype?) that all lady lovers are able to remain friends with their former lady loves. My current lady is on friendly terms with her ex girlfriend, something I am mostly cool with. It's not a jealously thing as much as it's a your-ex-is-a-giant-d-bag thing. They talk occasionally and we run into her at the various gay clubs in town, as there is a limited selection. We also hang with a crowd of their exes every once in a while. They have a whole L Word-Chart-BFF-with-my-ex sort of thing going on, which is fine with me.

However, I am not friends with my last gf, and when [...]


Bisexuality, "Ass Worship," and Failures in the Bedroom

When a guy goes down on you for the first time, how do you feel about him giving your butthole some love? As a guy who loves to worship a woman's ass, my first inclination is to dive right in with reckless abandon — giving it a good tongue-fucking and maybe a little bit of finger — but there have been a couple of ladies in my life who've frowned such behavior. Your thoughts?

Heyyy! Hm. All right. If you're already neck deep in it, then at some point you weren't but you went for it, and she wasn't like, "omg EW cut it out," and that's how you [...]