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The Preschool Teacher, the Aquasock Distributor, and the Hat Box Full of Caution

Can anyone resist a story that's not-falsely called "The Professor, the Bikini Model, and the Suitcase Full of Trouble"?


On "Bikini Readiness"

"Our society definitely has a stigma of bikini readiness — my business thrives on that." —Do you sleep with a bikini under your pillow in case summer breaks through your window at night?


Kate Middleton's Bathing Costume

Are you strong enough to not click this link to photos of Kate Middleton in a white bikini? "No, I am not."


Twenty Marleys and Me

I am crying on Lou, the TSA officer. Lou is holding my license, and I’m holding every sob as long as I can. But they come out in wet bursts, snot oozing over my upper lip.

“Anita! Get her some Kleenex, please.”

I sense the restlessness of passengers roped in zigzag formation behind me as the Man Who Checks IDs counsels Weeping Chick With Laptop Out Already with quips meaningless and profound, all in the same tone: Don’t hide that smile! This too shall pass!

Colleague Anita slips me a less sympathetic look before sliding off her stool to locate tissues. Her walk is slow enough to appear intentional. It [...]


The Betrayal of Bikini Bottoms, or, Meet the Butt’s Butt

I’ve always been a bit of a Victorian, sartorially speaking. I find thongs troubling and daytime cleavage intrusive. Back in 2007, I gave up on Second Life shortly after joining because none of the available shirts would cover my avatar’s midriff. When it comes to swimsuits, though, my grievances are rooted in logistics as much as modesty. I long for a privilege that our mothers and grandmothers once took for granted and that men still do: the freedom to jump in the water without first scheduling a hair removal operation. I dream of taking an impromptu dip in my sister's hot tub without contemplating a treacherous dry shave or [...]


Woman in Bikini Exits Pool in Style

Good morning!!! It's great to be back ONLINE, where all the REAL action is!!!!!



The League of Ordinary Ladies: Naked Sisters and the Coin Purse


Eight Is the New Sixteen

Eight-year-olds are growing up too fast these days! Not only are they getting botox, they're also wearing padded bikinis — thanks to Abercrombie Kids, who started selling these push-up-bra-style bathing suits as part of their new spring line. Parents are mad, as they should be. But I'm sure young girls, always eager to grow up fast, will go crazy for this innovation. Or they could just do what we did in the olden days: make "cleavage" for ourselves by stuffing kleenex in our bikinis, and then we'd forget we had it in there and dive carefree into the pool, causing it to dissolve [...]