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Embracing the Tour de France, the World Cup’s Endearingly Weird Little Brother

Are you growing tired of watching impossibly attractive men tear off their shirts in the name of God, country, and football? Well, do I have excellent news for you: the Tour de France is upon us. I love the Tour de France (go ahead, pronounce “France” like it rhymes with “taunts,” I know you want to), the world’s most famous bike race, and firmly believe that it’s completely underrated—especially in years when it’s pitted against the World Cup, as it is now. If the World Cup is the disaffected, hard-bodied teen who’s too cool for the moon landing, the Tour de France is the nerdy, telescope-toting little brother who Sally [...]


Twelve Days Biking and Camping Alone Along the Pacific Coast

A couple years ago, Megan Bernard biked from Eugene, OR, to San Francisco.

Edith Zimmerman: Megan! You biked for 10 days alone on the Pacific Coast. If my life depended on that, I would either die, or at the end of 10 days be walking alongside the bike a mile from where I started. Biking is horrifying madness, I don't know where people like you come from, but I will grudgingly accept that you exist. [Pause for rebuttal.]

Megan Bernard: Ah, here's the thing, though — riding a bike gives you transportation plus immersion into your surroundings plus autonomy. Go where you want to go, when you want to [...]


Ask a Clueless Lady

1. I'd really appreciate some advice. I've been dating a guy for a year and a half now and everything is great, wonderful. Except that I don't feel very important to him. I've mentioned this to him and he said that he would try to improve. And yet, there is no change. He is still not making plans with me, not bringing me round to his parents, or inviting me on nights out with his friends.

Now, we've talked about a future together briefly and us moving in together. He paid for me to go on holiday with him. And yet, he can't do simple things like make an effort [...]