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Deadly Combinations of Male Fashion and Behavior

1. Sunglasses worn backward on the head AND True Religion Jeans.

2. A ponytail gathered in bun at back of neck AND hugging a friend for a long time with closed eyes and wistful smile in the middle of a crowded restaurant AND flip flops.

3. A golf shirt with a corporate logo AND a cell phone holster AND repeated uttering of the phrase, "it's all good."

4. A goatee AND a toddler walking around wherever it wants to go AND the inquiry, "Do you guys have any chai?"

5. A flat-brimmed baseball hat AND an Ed Hardy T-shirt AND, in response to a female friend's gentle suggestion, "Maybe don't [...]


Truly Terrible Twos

"What's the difference between a toddler and a psychopath? Apparently, not too much. In 1980 Robert Hare, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, developed a 16-point checklist for determining whether a person was technically a psychopath. After taking a look at this list, and taking a look at the daily behavior of my two toddler girls, I can only conclude one thing: a psychopath is just really a person who has never grown out of the toddler stage." —Rhiana Maidenberg takes us point by point through the list and wow, she is onto something. Take, for the easiest example, #1: "Superficial charm & [...]