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Envisioning a Better Beer Can That Is Just a Beer Can

Big brands, meanwhile, continue to tinker with their cans. Bud Light will pilot test one this summer with a vent under the tab to reduce "glug." Likewise, Coors Light recently announced a can with a double-vented wide mouth. This follows Miller Lite's "punch top" cans, introduced last year with a second hole to be opened with objects such as a house key or golf tee.

Over the weekend I drank from a beer can that was pinched in the middle, like it was wearing a corset, for no functional reason. The beer was actually .7 ounces smaller than a normal beer. Here, AdAge reports on increasingly "sophisticated" beer cans, [...]


Or "Cheese on Toast"

Who's chilly and hungry?


Three Alaskan Reporters Head to a Sports Bar to Find Romance, Beer

Alexandra, Stephanie, Lauren

The fishermen look us up and down as we walk through the door of the local sports bar. They’re quizzical, then mostly apathetic. They continue to play pool, check their phones, do anything but approach us. The bearded guys hunched over their beers continue to stare at their beers.

We’re too late for open mic, but a rousing rendition of Joan Osborne’s “One of Us” later rises from one of the tables.

Our table. The male-to-female ratio at the bar is about five to one, but we’re six women and one gay man.


While two reporters from The Washington Post may have spent four days [...]


Men to Have Their Own Beer Again

"We of course make records — they are fundamental to what we do. … But we wanted to create a brand so that our fans have a greater experience … in fact, we are soon going to be selling our own beer. I’m not even joking." —In case you missed it: after a year in which female beer aficionados have been disproportionately catered to, men are at last being re-recognized, with an India Pale Ale brought to them by the all-male group Hanson.* Guess what it's called? a. MMMBock b. MMMHops c. Plant a Seed, Plant a Lager, Plant a Rose

(*NB: Hanson is a charming group of [...]


Time to Find a New Drink

Party talking point: Hoppy beer is so over.



"Paltinger recommends women also wear a choker and earrings. Hammerschick likes long earrings that dangle, but she said women who wear earrings should not wear a necklace." —Who are you going to trust in this handy guide to dressing for Oktoberfest? Hats with feathers are IN, that's for sure. Speaking of feathers, photo number two here looks so good.


Which Is Better: Picking Up Trash or Riding A Bike?

Two years in a row I've participated in the Real Ale Ride (a bike ride starting and ending at the Real Ale brewery in Blanco, Texas), first as a volunteer, then as a rider. As a volunteer, I got drunk and wandered the grounds of the brewery bagging litter. As a rider, I completed my first serious road ride on serious hills, and then got drunk. Which was a better time overall? Let’s compare.

Pros of Volunteering 1. Volunteers got more free beer than the riders. 2. You can totally drink beer WHILE picking up trash. 3. Litter reduction is a tangible social benefit, making the world/brewery a better place. 4. It [...]


The Best For Me But Worst Overall Ghost Encounter This Year

My girlfriend and I were enjoying some beers (nice) as we made dinner together a couple of weeks ago.

"Hey," she says, and I look over from cleaning some dishes. "Did you do this?" Her beer bottle's label has been completely removed, not a rogue strip or glue remnant in sight. I say no, and she says she didn't either. We test another bottle to see if we can even recreate such a clean tear job. Not possible. But surely I'd done it, she's convinced. "This is the worst prank anyone could ever pull." OKAY, neither of us did it, let's put it behind us and enjoy "The Sopranos" like [...]


Woman Orates Poem to Police

"Tonight he took away my beer

And I want to drink some beer,

And he took away my beer."


In light of today's events, this post is not very funny. What a horrible nightmare.


How Not to Order a Drink

Me: I'd like the beer I had the last time I was here.

Bartender:  we have a lot of beer on tap here.

Me:  It was different, you know?

Bartender: Different how?

Me: It tasted like cherries.

Bartender: A sweet flavor?

Me: No, sour cherry flavor. Yeah, bitter. Uh, hopsy.