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Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

1. I'm a 31 year old lady and am subtly freaking out over the whole getting older thing. It seems like a week before my 30th birthday, I noticed a couple of fine lines under my eyes, and now I obsess over it. It's making me sad, partially because I feel like years of a few too many cocktails and cigarettes turned me into an old lady faster than if I'd taken better care of myself while younger. My party lifestyle is (mostly) behind me and I've ditched the cigarettes. I try to drink lots of water although I probably don't do a good enough job. Is there anything else [...]


Beauty Q&A: Ponytails, Wedding Clothes, and Breast Relief

I have an upstate New York wedding on a farm to attend this August. I am looking for a dress that is a) easy to travel with (i.e., can be rolled up inside a suitcase), b) comfortable and appropriate for a farm wedding, and c) less than $150. Hopefully, I'm not too pie-in-the-sky. Any suggestions?

No, you are not dreaming; your dress is out there! (Actually, it’s down there, under this paragraph.) To start, a little review of wedding attire etiquette: Avoid looking better than or similar to anyone in the wedding party. This means no white and no bright solids. I find the best answer is to [...]


Beauty Q&A: What's That Smell?

Can we talk about perfume?

Hardly! Perfume is pretty difficult (for me) to talk about. Sure, some of you know your tuberose from your otherose-y-sounding-words-that-describe-scents, but most of us just know if something is "like flowers" or "stinks." I am in that latter group of perfume dumb-dumbs, but I still want to talk about perfume, you know? Like, which ones are good? Which ones attract noses that don't belong to us? Which ones aren't gross? Et cetera. So, with the caveat that this is coming from someone who wears a lot of perfume but doesn't possess any of the right vocab words to talk about it, I would like [...]


Beauty Q&A: She's Got Legs

Listen, this isn’t a makeup question, but still important for the overall *Lady Effect*:

Part 1. I live in a college town and there are a lot of formals this time of year, shorrrrt tiiiight dresses, big blowout hair, and extremely tall shoes. Very few of these pretty ladies know how to walk in high heels … resulting in weird crouch-monster gaits. It has also made me paranoid that maybe I walk like that in heels? HOW DO YOU WALK IN HEELS LIKE A LADY?! I checked YouTube for tutorials, but they weren’t that helpful.

Part 2. ALSO, I walk to/from work everyday (uphill. Both ways. I swear) and [...]


Beauty Q&A: Bullet Bras, Rancid Perfume, and Mascary

I'm a lady with some disproportionately tiny boobs (I've got HIPS). This is fine, I'm not interested in surgical alteration or anything. Usually, I just wear bras with a little oomph, or try to make them sing with their shape. I have an ill-fitted hand-me-down vintage bra that gives me pointy awesome sweater boobs. I've had enough fun wearing it that I'd like to invest in one that actually fits. So, two questions:

1. Is it ridiculous for a 21st-century woman to be walking around with boobs like Peggy from Mad Men?

2. If not, where can I buy a new bra that offers the shape I'm looking [...]


Beauty Q&A: Self-Tanner, Acne, and Ugly Nails

AHHHHH this has been so fun! Every time I see an email from one of you I go “EEEEEEEE!!! YAH-YAH-YAAA-YAH!” Like this. So fun. So fun!

Before we get to the the questions I just wanted to give you all a little encouragement. You know how when you go to the mall and ask for a makeover at the Estée Lauder counter and they pile on tons of makeup so that every part of your face reminds you of a clown whore? That's mostly because you aren’t used to it, not because you don’t look like an actual model now, which you probably do and don’t even [...]