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When You Put A Stripper Pole In Your House

Pole dancing gets a lot of flack. Either you’re a stripper, and that’s seen as a bad thing even though all it means is you are probably really strong and know how to walk effortlessly in heels and get lots of money thrown at you, or you’re the type of person who falls for fad workouts. Pole fitness has been and on and off “trend” for years, with plenty of hand-wringing about it being feminist enough, or #actually acrobatics or whatever.


Anyway, I’m not here to sell you on pole dancing. It’s either your thing or it isn’t. But [...]


The Beastie Boys and Santigold, "Don't Play No Games That I Can't Win"

This video is 11 minutes long, you think. Not a chance. Well, there's a shorter version, but the song is a jam, and the video — directed by Spike Jonze — is work of art. And right when you think, OK, got it, cute, 4:25 rolls around, and boom, right back in it. (The Beastie Boys' Hot Sauce Committee Part Two is out now.)



Def Jam Is 25, Which Makes Us What? 100?

Thoughts that occurred to us looking at this photo retrospective of Def Jam artists:

The Roots were/are on a record label? Like a band?

LL Cool J was so tiny!

Awww, remember Flavor Flav from before?

Whoa, totally forgot Steven Tyler and Run-DMC happened.