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Please Enjoy This Polar Bear Content

Happy International Polar Bear Day, polar bear fans. Polar Bears International invites you to turn down your thermostat; if you don't have access to your thermostat I invite you to watch this video of a polar bear cub walking and experiencing snow for the first time and to read up on how to survive a polar bear hang sesh. Or, OK, "attack": "The best strategy is to avoid meeting them in the first place." But, that face.


I Fled a Bear and Won

I have spent every weekend but one in the mountains this summer (and that one weekend was horrible). I’m an hour away from a gorgeous national park — to not go would be foolish, especially with an annual pass, which is truly a wise investment. I have seen many animals in my travels — deer, bighorn sheep, deer, mountain goats, deer and, of course, bears. These usually from three cars behind that family of tourists with more cameras than children. Never have I ever seen a bear like this.

Sunday. Plus 28. Not a cloud in the sky. Bags packed for a day of sun, we head up into [...]


Hiking the Tetons

Molly Langmuir went camping last September.

Edith Zimmerman: Molly, you hiked the Tetons alone last fall. How did that come about?

Molly Langmuir: In 2006 I got a summer internship at the local paper in Jackson, Wyoming, where I was reporting hard-hitting stories about things like pig wrestling and dude ranch barbecues, so I had a fair amount of free time on my hands. I also had no friends — I met lots of nice people, but they were all these uber-technical athletes who spent their weekends doing sports I'd never even heard of, while I had applied to the job because I had always liked hiking, which [...]


The Bear Witch

Don't worry about the abrupt ending, though, because as the uploader explains on YouTube, "friend being stalked by a bear." Wait. WAIT. Waaait!