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Sam Smith, "When I Was Your Man" (Bruno Mars Cover)

The greatest thing Alexander Skarsgård lookalike1 Bruno Mars ever did was to record the song "When I Was Your Man" so that Alexander Skarsgård lookalike2 Sam Smith could eventually cover and improve it.

1Every male human today is an Alexander Skarsgård lookalike. 2See above.


What Is the Ice Finger of Death Pointing At?

Dig! (More info here.)


How Music Works!

God bless the BBC when they aren't firing middle-aged women. There is a new BBC program called How Music Works with a very sensual-looking credit sequence and a whole lot to say about music after "looking under its bonnet." It's narrated by a kind of nerd Mentalist, who tells us that "the melodies" in music "somehow convey the story and the meanings on their own." BUT HOW, GUY?


Make Friends With Diplo & Friends, Friends

If you can make it past the Weenie and the Butt-style intro, this two hour mix from the new Diplo & Friends radio show on the BBC is great! Lunice is in there. Can you hear him dancing? For something weirder, Heath Caring — who gifted us a chopped and screwed Drive soundtrack a few months ago — have a new Pink Floyd remixy thing out today.


People's Bodies Getting Stuck

As Shawn the handsome partier could not take off his tiny hat and Marilyn the skeet-shooting enthusiast could not close her eyelids, so Holly the bored student cannot close her mouth.



BBC Suggested Presenter Get Botox, Spray-Paint Hair

Miriam O'Reilly, a 53-year-old former BBC presenter, began her age and sex discrimination against the corporation today, revealing that she was called a "rare species" by her employers, told she should consider Botox in light of the high-def revolution, and offered black spray paint to cover up a patch of gray hair. She was subsequently fired from the show she presented and was "sidelined" by the company, she says.


Neanderthals Sexier Than Previously Believed

Says one YouTube commenter, "I think this is like 'This is Spinal Tape' for anthropologists."



Instantly Feel Bad About Being on the Computer Right Now

BBC's latest nature-documentary — following the excellent Blue Planet and Planet Earth — will be called Human Planet, and will cast its eyes on us. Not us-us, but like people who walk around and exert themselves. It looks amazing, clearly, although the people standing near the waterfall really need to take a step backward. (Toward safety, not death.) [Via]