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Ballet Dancers' Toughest Moves, Explained In Slow Motion

*tries to sit up straighter* *forgets after 30 seconds*



How the Nutcracker Wrecked My Christmas


The year that four of us were a family in the Nutcracker, night after night pretending to have Christmas on stage, we stopped putting the Christmas tree up. We rehearsed instead of decorating. Then my mom had my little brother and retired from the Nutcracker for a second time in her life. The Christmas tree went back up, but this time, its branches drooped with pink. We'd retired the normal Christmas ornaments and hung every last ornament that one of us had received as a Nutcracker gift. Ballerinas and pointe shoes and so many Nutcrackers and mice and soldiers and Claras: characters and shoes enough for fifteen productions danced [...]


What's That Workout? Pure Barre

I kinda… maybe… shoplifted my first class at Pure Barre.

As in, didn’t get asked to pay at the end? And waited around for the receptionist to acknowledge me but she didn’t and then chatted with the teacher and then still didn’t and I’m thinking like, “Shit, this class is TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS and yeah it was hard and I’m sure effective and stuff but the teacher was totally unacceptable and may as well have been an audio cassette with an accompanying laminated poster, sooo…”

I didn’t intend for it to be this way.

I was pretty excited about trying Pure Barre, the ballet-inspired Pilates-style workout that promises to [...]


Talking to Misty Copeland About Race, Class and Ballet

Misty Copeland took her first ballet class at age 13 and performed as Clara in the Nutcracker eight months later. Four years after that, she joined the American Ballet Theatre as a corps member, and in 2007 she became the company's only black female soloist. She was also the first in decades, only the third in the company's history, and has for years been the only black woman dancing in the company at large. 

You came to ballet late, at age 13; the first time you came to the barre, you were wearing gym clothes. What did those first experiences feel like?

I initially felt like a fish out of [...]


"Girl Walk / All Day," Chapter One

The folks at "creative and collective" organization Wild Combination made an epic music video for the entirety of Girl Talk's All Day album, and it's being released in 12 parts, the first out today. There's a pop-and-locking Ryan Gosling-lookin'-ass dude and extreme ballet! The sequence starting at 3:20 really speaks to me. [via]


On Being Left Briefly in Charge When Edith's Flight Got Cancelled

Unsuccessful analogies:

Nelson Muntz taking over the school news from Lisa after she leaves to save Bart. LBJ being sworn in on the plane. That forty seconds in which Mila Kunis thought she would get to be the Swan Queen. Woodrow Wilson's wife secretly running the country from 1919-1924. Edith is Gina Gershon…you can figure it out from there.

A real analogy:

Your boss says, "hey, I'm going to be late today. I think everything's already good to go, right?" Photo via Flickr


Ballerina Gets the Ball

Growing up in rural Maine our school was so small we didn’t have a gym. Twice a week we were bussed over to the town’s maritime academy to use the facilities. Our gym teachers were marines in training, and I was a skinny only child, far more adept at the barre in ballet rehearsals than I was at hand-eye coordination on the field.

Basketball is the only sport I ever learned to play. I spent games on the bench, my stomach cramping with anxiety. I dreaded the moment our coach would call me over to sub in, forcing me out onto the court. I didn’t kid myself about scoring; I [...]


A Brief History of Ballet Feet

"In the 1840s, when Marie Taglioni went on pointe for a few seconds in La Sylphide, her momentary weightlessness became an icon of the transcendent power of ballet. A pair of her shoes sold for 200 rubles and was cooked and eaten by her admirers." —Was Marie the white swan and were her admirers black swans, or was Marie the black swan and were her admirers geese? The Atlantic's Suzanne Fischer recaps the rise and repercussions of the pointe shoe. [20 minutes of internet searching passes.] Aaand this appears to have been linked to all over yesterday, so apologies if this is particularly old news. [Via]


Partially Cross-Train Your Way to a Ballerina Body

"Did you include any cross-training in your sessions with Portman?" — LOL, Elle magazine wants to know if, in trying to be more like a ballerina exercise-wise, inspired by the rom-com Black Swan, it would be OK to throw in some time on the elliptical or the bike. Well, Natalie Portman's trainer actually says "Yes!" to cross-training. She and Portman spent a lot of time swimming. Then Elle has to ask, "Why are ballerinas' figures so fabulously lean?," and in her head the trainer goes, "You freaking, ugh, did you really just…Have you ever actually seen a ballerina do her thing?!" but out loud, she says it uses a [...]