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The United Baby Brooklyns of America

Montana, what are you doing?


What I Learned at the Family Tree Center

This past weekend my husband and I went to Utah where there are bunch of Mormons. Those guys are super into genealogy because a lot of people died — like, the majority of people made on Earth so far — before Mormonism happened, so they go back and retroactively save their kin who missed out on the good word. But, of course, they must know who those people were in order to ask for their salvation, so they do genealogy. (Click that link up above for a better explanation.) I'm not quite sure why they want to help everyone else trace their family histories for free at these [...]


Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: The 1947 Wellesley Bulletin Edition

1. Palfrey Perkins

2. Elizabeth Kimball Kendall

3. Carol Corn

4. Helen Joy Sleeper

5. Virginia Onderdonk

6. Seal Thompson

7. Joan Bopp

8. Marcia Bready Jacobs

9. Helen Virginia Booze

10. Marie Rahr Haffenreffer

11. Vida Dutton Scutter

12. Olive Dutcher Doggett

13. Myrtilla Avery

14. Antoinette Brigham Putnam Metcalf 


Aideah and Sophayden

From Slate, slightly modified: "The Socialeah Securitayden Administraiden’s annualeah listayden of the most populaiden Americaiden babeah nameseahs, released Mondayden, includaiden, for boysayden, Aiden, Jayden, and Brayden and, for girlseah, Mia, Leah, and Sophia (as wellayden as Sofia). Do babeah nameseahs that rhymayden tendeah to become populaiden at the samaiden timeah?"


Best D.C. Metro Stations to Name a Baby After

DC Metro police are reporting that a baby boy was born this morning on the platform at L'Enfant Plaza, which is really not the station I would have chosen, personally. It might not be the worst Metro platform to give birth on—it's inside, at least, and it's on a lot of different lines so it's easy to get home?—but half the fun of giving birth on a Metro platform is being able to name your child after the station, a la Paddington or Fenchurch. "L'Enfant" is a terrible name, in addition to being way too on the nose. If you find yourself extremely pregnant and you too want to [...]


Your 2013 Baby Name Guide: Puritan Edition, Part Two

1. Revolt Morcock

2. Pleasant Dadd

3. Hew-agag-in-pieces-before-the-Lord Robinson

4. Constant Wood

5. Meek Brewer

6. Flie-fornication Andrewes

7. Small-hope Biggs

8. Free-gift Pilkington

9. Smite-them-hip-and-thigh Smith

10. Increased Helley

11. More-fruit Stone

12. Weep Not Billing

13. Wait-awhile Makepeace

14. Meek Beaver 


Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: Baseball Edition

1. Chub Sullivan

2. Lip Pike

3. Buttercup Dickerson

4. Oyster Burns

5. Abner Dalrymple

6. Boileryard Clarke

7. Buttons Briggs

8. Bones Ely

9. Duke Esper

10. Dummy Hoy 


Before Too Long, Everyone You Know Will Be Named Emma

In 2012, "Emma" was the most popular name for baby girls in 31 states. Those 31 states now comprise "Emmaland," as seen in the map above. This is a time for national unease.

There once was a time, long ago and before Monica ruined everything, when I could tell people, "I'm named after my great-grandmother" not defensively, but with a simple pride. That time has long passed. Slowly but surely, these Young Emmas are taking over the world. They are everywhere. They're sitting in the baby seat in the grocery cart in front of you at the supermarket, and you're pretty sure they're giving you the side-eye. They're taking [...]


Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: U.S. Senators Edition

1. Hall Lusk

2. B.B. Comer

3. Mike Gravel

4. Outerbridge Horsey

5. Lawton Chiles

6. Wilson Lumpkin

7. Clyde Herring

8. Bourke Hickenlooper

9. Preston Plumb

10.Buckner Thruston

11. Rush Holt

12. Mike Crapo

13. Malcolm Wallop

14. John Coit Spooner

15. Happy Chandler

16. Homer T. Bone 


Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: Miss America Contestant Edition

1. China Helmandolllar

2. Dona Marie Pillow

3. Rosebud Blondell

4. Zasada Lord

5. Polly Below

6. Trelinda Kerr

7. Mignon Merchant

8. Joan Teets

9. Marquessa Glee Bullock

10. Sunni Cranfill