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Kate Christensen's Blue Plate Special; Or, "Another Fucking Food Book"

Six-time novelist Kate Christensen has written another beautiful book, and this one's a memoir, out now from Random House. It’s called Blue Plate Special, after the home-cooked, simple but sustaining meals her mother used to make. As I read Kate’s “autobiography of appetites”—some food-based but others not; this is a story of life told through food in the venerable tradition of M.F.K. Fisher, Laurie Colwin, and Ruth Reichl, and its scope is much greater than what’s on a plate—I laughed and cried, and sometimes I snacked. As Kate writes in her prologue, “to taste fully is to live fully. And to live fully is to be awake and responsive [...]


Six-Word Tales: Love and Loss

“Following his blog instead of him.” —Smith Magazine is holding a live "Six-Word Love and Heartbreak" show next week, but maybe these things can be fun in websites' comments sections, too. (I didn't like his Pinterest 'likes.') [Via]

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Brief Autobiographies

Four years later, I began looking for a job on Wall Street. I became secretary to a partner in one of Wall Street’s finest investment banking firms. Again, I realized I was a servant. I not only had to have my boss’s coffee ready when he arrived, but I had to help him off with his coat and fedora. I did make an observation that these minor jobs led me to interesting, important, well-educated men. It made me realize the importance of education. I knew I lacked a great deal of knowledge.

After fourteen years at the firm, an unbelievably joyous event finally came into my quiet uneventful [...]