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Got Stains On My T-Shirt, And I'm The Biggest Flirt

"What happened to this poor, beautiful soul was not fair, it was not just." A 10th birthday is as good an occasion as any to revisit Ashlee Simpson's Autobiography, which is still poppin from those first "No Such Thing" chords in the title track to the end of the pop-punk-goes-Kelly Clarkson "Undiscovered."


Brief Autobiographies

Four years later, I began looking for a job on Wall Street. I became secretary to a partner in one of Wall Street’s finest investment banking firms. Again, I realized I was a servant. I not only had to have my boss’s coffee ready when he arrived, but I had to help him off with his coat and fedora. I did make an observation that these minor jobs led me to interesting, important, well-educated men. It made me realize the importance of education. I knew I lacked a great deal of knowledge.

After fourteen years at the firm, an unbelievably joyous event finally came into my quiet uneventful [...]


Kate Christensen's Blue Plate Special; Or, "Another Fucking Food Book"

Six-time novelist Kate Christensen has written another beautiful book, and this one's a memoir, out now from Random House. It’s called Blue Plate Special, after the home-cooked, simple but sustaining meals her mother used to make. As I read Kate’s “autobiography of appetites”—some food-based but others not; this is a story of life told through food in the venerable tradition of M.F.K. Fisher, Laurie Colwin, and Ruth Reichl, and its scope is much greater than what’s on a plate—I laughed and cried, and sometimes I snacked. As Kate writes in her prologue, “to taste fully is to live fully. And to live fully is to be awake and responsive [...]


Six-Word Tales: Love and Loss

“Following his blog instead of him.” —Smith Magazine is holding a live "Six-Word Love and Heartbreak" show next week, but maybe these things can be fun in websites' comments sections, too. (I didn't like his Pinterest 'likes.') [Via]

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