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"Is Good Advice Timeless?"

pugg_fuggly: Do you find yourself giving different advice than you would have earlier in your career? Or is good advice timeless?

Emily Yoffe: I think I have more of a sense now that some situations just can't be improved very much. Some people would rather kill themselves with booze or drugs, for example, than make their lives better.

Here's a selection of questions advice columnist Emily Yoffe, Slate's dear Dear Prudence, answered yesterday in an "Ask Me Anything" discussion on Reddit. Along with getting to know her better, there are also links to some of the most controversial letters she's ever received. Elsewhere on Slate today: "Do cats [...]


Maybe They Like Having Their Hair Played With?

I take the bus to work every day. Every now and then I come across a completely normal-looking woman who touches other people's hair. By touching, I mean caressing it lovingly over and over, staring at it longingly, and smelling it, too. She sits behind women with long hair so nobody seems to notice. Once she was doing this to a woman who was at the front of the bus. (I was at the back.) I really wanted to tell her but was far too embarrassed to shout across the crowd of people standing between us. We both got off at the next stop, and I hesitantly asked if she [...]


Christmas Eve Has Been Ruined

Since my brother and I were little, we've spent Christmas Eve at home with our parents. When my brother got married, he and his wife continued the tradition and came over to exchange gifts. But a couple of years ago everything changed, because my sister-in-law's parents and siblings came over saying they were just there to drop off gifts, but they stayed the whole evening. I was incredibly uncomfortable, because they're complete strangers to me (except for one of the siblings, whom I knew from high school and never got along with, which only makes it worse!). The next year, my sister-in-law invited all of us to Christmas [...]


Fortnightly Infidelity

I consider myself a decent man, but for the past year I have been cheating on my wife about twice a month with prostitutes. We’ve been married for more than a decade and have three young children. Since the beginning of our relationship, my libido has exceeded hers and she frequently refused my overtures. Now we have sex about once a month, only when initiated by her, because I became so resentful about being rebuffed constantly.

Uh oh. Queen Prudence?


Beggars Choosing Beggars

My husband and I are dog lovers but we didn’t have any when we first had kids. Then our children started asking for a dog. My husband admitted he’s enjoyed not dealing with vet bills, poop-scooping, and fleas. Eventually I wore him down, and we spent months researching the right breed. I was unable to go and choose the puppy, so my husband made the final decision. I hate this dog.

Uh-oh. What say ye, Prudie? Also, how many boxes of stuff from our childhood should we keep in someone else's attic?


Fun on Slate

"Is everyone writing in today married to a lunatic?"


"Betrayed" Isn't Totally the Right Word

"I have just had devastating news: My 58-year-old second husband of two years has been having an affair with my 25-year-old daughter from my first marriage. I am in a state of utter shock. I had absolutely no idea that this was going on and feel heartbroken, betrayed, and furious at the two people I love most. They want to live together, but where does this leave me? I do not know what to do. Can you advise?"

It could be worse. It could always be worse. Just ask the folks who wrote to Dear Prudence this week.


Who Will Save the Worms

This weekend, it rained overnight, and as a result the streets were covered with worms in the morning. She wanted to go out and save as many as she could before the sun warmed up the road and baked them to death. She also insisted that I go with her, and when I said I'd rather sleep in, she got tears in her eyes and told me she couldn't believe I would just sleep in knowing that hundreds of living creatures suffered a horrible death. After a short lecture on Karma, I gave in and helped save the worms (which was totally gross). I love my fiancée, and want [...]


Help I Made Out With Everyone

Speaking of advice columns, what happens when you swing a stick at a wedding, and you've already made out with everyone it hits?



"My future in-laws stayed with us for several days a few weeks ago. They live on the other side of the country, so I have actually only met them once (though my fiance generally only has good things to say about his parents). Well, one morning when they were here, my fiance was showering and I was making everyone breakfast. I stepped in our bedroom for a moment to get something and found my fiance's dad sniffing a pair of my panties from the laundry basket. Dirty underwear. Eek!! I acted casual about it like I hadn't noticed and he said he was looking for a sweater that my [...]