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Bad Haircuts From a Friend's Good Hairdresser

What do you tell your friends when they recommend a restaurant/dentist/etc. and you have a bad experience?Case in point: two of my friends go to the same hairdresser. Their hair always looks great. I decided to also go to that hairdresser. But now I have a poorly done version of The Rachel. It's not just that the style the hairdresser gave me is bad, it's totally uneven and kind of awful. I actually phoned the salon owner to ask if someone else can fix it, which I have never done before.

Of course, I take this experience as no reflection on my friends. Maybe the hairdresser was having a bad [...]


The Bestworst Guy

Please help me get over the Best/Worst guy possible. The worst: He was my boss. He is essentially married, and cheats prolifically on his lady, taking many mistresses. I was one. He might be involved in illegal activities. He is pretty bad news. He is what my mami would call amujerigo. He might be a sociopath.

The best: he has a gold tooth. He rings a metaphorical bell near his head when he hears a Calle 13 lyric he loves. He reads everything. He puts me on his lap and lets me use the wheel while he uses the pedals. He can cook. He makes me feel de-fucking-lightful. Listen, I [...]


Train Help

Let's say someone were to travel by train through the United States for a week this fall or winter. What would be some good routes to take and/or things to keep in mind? Amtrak seems to have a good site, as far as coming up with itineraries goes, but maybe there are some more-creative options/tools out there. And what kind of clothes would someone wear, and/or people would someone meet on a long rail trip these days? Here's a little of what they're currently serving on one overnight train — the dining car menu for the Coast Starlight train, which goes from Los Angeles to Vancouver [...]


Two Questions About Dogs: One Nice, One Less So

We recently got two questions over the advice line about dog ownership and human behavior. One is bright, one is dark, and I'm hoping dog-owning and -knowing readers can help us figure them out.

My gentleman caller and I are adopting a dog in the next six months. Here are two questions:

I love German Shepherds and there are a lot of those mixes at the shelters (we're only looking at shelters, so we know that these dogs are probably not purebreds). However, when I did dog research, most purebred German Shep rescue organizations require that their dogs go to people that have previously owned the breed. What? Is [...]


Other People's Kids, Homes

A fun one from the advice bag:


I suspect I might not be the only person in this situation, so I'm interested to put it out there and get feedback. I'm in my mid-30s and many of my good friends are having children. I'm not a big fan of children, and have chosen to have none myself. I don't HATE kids; they generally just make me really uncomfortable. Of couse, no matter how I frame this viewpoint, no matter how I carefully I contextualize this opinion, I am labeled as a "child hater" by most people. Especially parents. It's all part of the same tired old narrative that [...]


[Move/Do Not Move] Directly to [New City/Another New City]

A question from the advice "line":

So here's the basic situation: When I resigned my lease to my current apartment, I knew that it would be my last year in that city. Since then, I got into a long-distance relationship, realized that I didn't want to move to the city that I was planning on moving to, but really did want to move to the city where the boyfriend was (I should note: I had always kind of wanted to move to this New City, and rather fell in love with it over the course of the relationship). But whoops! Before my lease was up, we broke up, [...]


Help for a Costume Wedding

This question recently came in through the advice "line," and it seems like a better fit for a group solution (and rings a bell, although I can't find why that's the case or where it appeared, so apologies if this is a repeat, and apologies for accidentally stealing others' costume ideas). Anyway let's solve this!

My boyfriend's good friends with a great sense of humor are getting married very close to Halloween, and ask that we all come in costume. I'm already pretty terrible with thinking up costumes, and with the added constraints of wedding level elegance, I'm coming up with nothing. Do you have any ideas?

Historical costumes [...]


When to Tell Someone They Might Be Gross

Dear Hairpin,

So, I am still friends with a guy I dated for a while, like, a decade ago. We get lunch or dinner a couple times a year and catch up. He's been pretty much single since then and is bummed about having a hard time finding a girlfriend (he wants to be in a committed LTR hopefully with marriage and all that jazz).

I'm pretty sure one of the things keeping him from finding someone special is that 1) he dresses the way he did ten years ago, like badly matched sort-of Goth attire that doesn't fit, 2) he often, like every time I see him so I'm [...]


Light-ish, Hippie-ish, Side Dish Ish/Help

From the inbox:

Dear The Hairpin,

I know it's early to plan (is it? isn't it?) but I think it's good to remember the pains of Thanksgiving dinner in order to slightly avoid that for Christmas. My husband and I are hosting my parents, my grandmother, and his mother. A lovely sit-down, candle-lit pretty thing of an event is what I have in store. Every year my father makes his amazing prime rib, and this year will be no exception. My question is: What should I make with it that isn't solely made up of starch starch bread butter cream cream? I want to make some sides that are [...]


Jim Behrle Wants to Know

1. What is an acceptable amount of checking out your boobs? When we're talking to you. Or butt? Like a totally harmless, just talking to you and checking you out kind of way. How many Mississippis (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, etc.) separate a pleasant amount of being checked out and an uncomfortable, not-okay amount of being checked out? Or should we just never check you out?

Haha. Isn't it generally frowned upon to be caught looking at boobs at all? I could get in hot water here, but a surreptitious VERY, very quick (like micro-Mississippi, like Mis-) usually won't provoke anger. That's not to say people should not be checked [...]