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Healing, “Couple-Dating,” And Tips For A Baby Queer

There are lots of mouths in the sea.

Addressing Asexuality, Friends Who Talk Too Much, And Why What You Did Sucked

This month, A Queer Chick answers your questions on asexuality, consent, friendship, and ranks potential “Orange Is The New Black” spin-offs.

99 Problems, Romantic Fuck-Ups, And Comfortable Shoes

“A few romantic fuck-ups are a must for any well-rounded life.”

Being “The Straight One,” The Basics Of Butt Stuff, And Talking To Your Kids

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Retroactive Heartbreaks, Above-Board Romances, and Constant Ultraserious Shouting About Things

Precious Emotional Energy, Getting a Haircut, and The Gay Man’s Crush-o-Meter

Keeping it in Your Professional Pants, “The Window,” and Telepathic Hints

The “Queerosphere,” Letting Terrible Dog Owners Lie, And Smelly Business

“Rebounding,” Internet Dating, and Oppressive Monogamous Conditioning

How to Have a Boyfriend, “Advanced Dating,” and Girls With Short Hair