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How to Be a Genius (Or, How to Contract Syphilis and Be An Artist)

It seems that James Joyce was not the simple hypochondriac he’s often assumed to be. Rather, with his panoply of debilitating symptoms, he was something far more romantic: a syphilitic. According to a new biography, if the long-whispered rumors about Joyce’s burden are true, he had the French Curse, the Spanish Itch, the Canton Rash, or whatever delicate nickname he preferred to use.

Artistic genius and syphilis are strange but habitual bedfellows. (For men, of course; women with syphilis are just diseased prostitutes.) Joyce was in good, grossly infected company: Charles Baudelaire, Vincent van Gogh, Beethoven, Francisco Goya, Oscar Wilde, Gustave Flaubert, Édouard Manet, Guy de Maupassant, and Friedrich [...]


Late Bloomers

Anna Mary Robertson Moses—better known as Grandma Moses—did not begin to paint until she was 75… Harlan David Sanders — better known as Colonel Sanders — didn’t start his Kentucky Fried Chicken company until the age of 65 — but went on to become one of the most successful businessmen of his generation. The Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn competed in his first Olympic games in 1908, when he was sixty years old. He won two gold and one bronze medals — and when he turned 72, became not only the oldest Olympian ever, but the oldest medalist in history…

Read this adapted excerpt from Maria Konnikova's forthcoming [...]


"She personally owns three pairs of pants"

She personally owns three pairs of pants, no furniture, and very few earthly possessions. She earned herMFA at a prestigious liberal arts school where she studied a bunch of Virginia Woolf alongside too many twenty-four-year-olds who were writing their first memoirs about their grandparents dying and their first jobs working at Dillard’s.

—Jaime Lowe's "An Artist Bio Gets Too Real" is, well, too real. [McSweeney's]


Let's All Make…

something, for goodness sake. Here, artsy pals Alynn and Mags make a mural while other pals make a cool video of them making a mural. Industrious. Get off the couch. Remember, it is literally killing you.  (Thanks, Erin!)