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“Not Another Nickel, Not Another Dime, No More Money For Aesthetic Crimes”

Who trolls the art trolls?

Everyone’s An Artist And It’s Literally The Best

The modern pop machine proves it.

Dear Wendy: How Can I Make Art When There’s So Much Suffering In The World?

Keep Calm and Wendy.

“Holy Fuck, I’m Making A Living With My Art”: An Interview With Deerjerk

How the artist deerjerk makes a living selling the work she wants to make, without leaving her hometown in West Virginia.

Go Play Some Adult Games

Just do whatever you gotta do to not get bored.

Contemporary Fine Art That Also Looks Like Minions

Can you tell them apart?

The Best Time I Hooked Up With A Popsicle Penis

NSFP: Not Safe For Popsicles.

Dear Wendy: How Do You Introduce Your Non-Artist Lover To Your Art Friends?

How riot gurl of you.

Blind Spot

When you look inside yourself, what do you see?

Yayoi Kusama Gets Reviewed by Kids

Yayoi Kusama’s harshest critics.