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Andy Warhol's Computer Art

The Andy Warhol Museum just released some work the artist made on a Commodore Amiga home computer (#tbt), a recovery that started with this Debbie Harry clip after the jump. Here's Warhol's Venus (1985); Vulture's also got his digitized Campbell's and a self-portrait.


The Carter Family Portrait Gallery

Bey lounges on one of the family’s many gold lamé sofas: I regret to inform you that these are all available for sale. [The Carter Family Portrait Gallery]


Happy Sternum Equinox!


Potato Nightmare

At Digg, Lindsay Mound made some wonderfully bleak illustrations to accompany this service-y "How Not To Kill Yourself With Household Items" post. On potatoes:

Spoiled potatoes are seriously dangerous. Medical cases reportcardiac dysrhythmia, nightmares, headaches, and dizziness from eating just over 40 milligrams of the stuff! Eat more than three times that and you can die from central nervous failure.

OK, but how do I get those braids? [Digg]


Peep Art

The Washington Post has a 14-slide gallery of Miley Cyrus-inspired Peep Art. Above: "'Goodbye, Hannah Buntana' re-creates the scene at MTV’s Video Music Awards. Katrina Britt, 33, of Arlington, Va." Look at the mini iPhone. Gotta respect that attention to detail. (More non-Miley submissions here.) This is what Easter is for.



When I was nine, I knew exactly what I wanted to be for Halloween. I wanted to be Cleopatra. At the grocery store, there was a rack of costumes-in-a-bag you could buy for $9.99, and while my mother insisted on spending her time at the grocery store doing boring things, like buying milk so we could all survive, I’d beeline directly to the costumes-in-a-bag rack as soon as we walked in. My mother told me that I shouldn’t do that, because I’d get lost and she’d be considered a bad mother for abandoning me, but I felt she was being irrational. I would obviously be by the costumes-in-a-bag rack. The [...]


Adventures With Gym Man

Story by Jane Hu, illustrations by Hallie Bateman.

Based on very true events.