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The Cider Report

Throughout human history we have wrestled with the great mysteries. “Who shot J.R.?” No one ever found out. “Where’s the beef?” Exactly. Where was the beef? No one knew. But arguably the greatest mystery of human existence has always been, “How do we get alcohol to taste better?” It’s fun to drink, but the taste can be all very acquired. They make vodka taste like supermodel kisses. And yet still somehow underneath you can always taste the bitterness of the alcohol. The stiffness of the drink. The more dangerous the drink the tastier it is. And now Hard Cider is having a moment. With beer sales flat, why not [...]


Let's All Make…

apple butter! Remember apple butter? Convincing your parents that you will finish the whole jar, no problem. It will not be a waste even though you aren't gonna eat it on a sandwich with peanut butter. But then you end up trying it with peanut butter on a sandwich because you've run out of ways to eat it? And really you just want to eat it straight off the spoon but for some ridiculous reason that's only acceptable with marshmallow fluff? Apple butter, y'all. Let's do it.


The Most Pesticide-Contaminated Produce Is …

As Maci, Mason, and Bentley race up the baby-name chart, the apple races up the pesticide-ridden-produce chart, knocking celery off its not particularly coveted throne.

The organization behind these lists recommends buying organic versions of The Dirty Dozen, while The Clean 15 are more or less good to go. ("Top 10 Most/Least Contaminated Produce" didn't have that playful ring to it, apparently.)

This on the heels of the news about how apples and their peels make you skinny and ripped. They're the Barry Bonds of the food world: strong but messed up! [Via]


October Apple Cake With Oat, Olive Oil, and Dark Chocolate

It’s been more than eight months since I really made anything I loved, other than this and, well, THIS. I’ve had plenty of cravings (for ghost stories, glow-in-the-dark paintings, all sorts of scrumptious and/or gross food), but mostly I’ve been too tired to actually *do* anything about them.

But suddenly, in the past few days, I want to COOK. And eat. And eat, and cook! Is it the steady fall of yellow and brown leaves in the woods out back? The pile of acorns accumulating near the front door that my daughter gathers like a little squirrel, getting ready for the cold and dark? Or is it just [...]


Apple Orchards and You

Friday is the first day of fall! Does anyone have any good stories about … apple orchards? The setting of many a thrilling anecdote, no doubt. One night in college I drove my friends out to the apple orchard, and they stole my car and left me. They eventually came back, but things were never the same.

OK, there may not actually be any interesting stories about apple orchards, in which case please leave your dullest apple orchard story. Or the comments can just be empty on this one. Or stories about unforgivable times people left you in the darkness.


Eat an Apple

How does that saying go? "An apple a day, and 'you're a-OK,' says the doctor"? It remains true: Scientists found that the ursolic acid in apple peels "boosts muscle growth by up to 15 per cent and reduces body fat by more than a half," and could even "help with diabetes." This based on a study with mice, wherein the mice getting the ursolic acid gained more muscle weight but not more weight overall than their non-ursolic-acid-eating peers. If this speaks to you, there are … surprisingly few (as in, no) recipes for "Apple Peel Chips" online. OK, here's one that I'm making up: Peel an apple [...]