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Your Own Private Dungeon

I've just started looking for a new apartment and it's going really well.


Coveting Beyoncé's Sister's Tables

Solange Knowles appears to throw a mean dinner party. [via]


Ask a Plant Lady

This is an interview about plants, with plant master Melissa Arteaga-Marti of the houseplant behemoth Costa Farms and the new plant- and home décor-themed digital publication GrowingStyle. She wants you to have houseplants, even if you kill them, even if you kill the ones that are supposed to be unkillable, and even if you kill the ones that unexpectedly start growing out of the abandoned pots your unkillable plants died in. She will not rest until you have a houseplant!

First of all (and full disclosure), thank you for sending me all those plants a couple months ago. That was kind of crazy! One (and a half) [...]


New York City More Like Sardine Can Than Previously Thought

Remember those dear ones of the New York Times who shared their stories of living in the smallest New York City living spaces imaginable—spaces so small that there might even be a housing code lying around somewhere saying the people really can't live there, but if you told the dwellers about it, they would probably scream, "Nonononono, please don't take my air duct away from me"? Well, Robert Kunzig, who wrote an article about population growth called "Population 7 Billion" for the current issue of National Geographic, says that he's made some calculations and, if ever necessary:

the entire world could fit in Texas if each [...]


America's Next Top Worst Room

Looking for a new apartment in New York City? Not anymore!



What, Me Buy?

The Atlantic has an interesting piece on why young people aren't buying houses these days, and how it's all Kate Bolick and the economy's fault. (I blame her pantaloons.) (Elsewhere in homeownership: "Be well, travel light, and give it all away.")


Don't Look a Gift Apartment in the Mouth

"These congratulatory apartments are often studios or small one-bedrooms, but on occasion they are bigger-ticket items." Buying your child an apartment is the best way to say, "Congratulations."


Tiny Apartment Joust

It's interesting when a tiny home has a bed that needs to be pulled or folded out each night (or at least on a regular basis), especially when the rest of the home is so fancy.


Jeremy Lin's First Real Estate Blunder

Around the corner from Lin’s new home is another Knicks haunt, the Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar. “I hope he comes in,” said A.J., a bartender.

Residents of White Plains, New York, are daring to dream big after the news broke that basketball phenom (sounds good, must be correct) Jeremy Lin has sublet a boring two-bedroom apartment there for $3,800 a month. Psst, Jeremy: somebody lied to you.


How I Made Friends With the Old Woman Who Lives Below Me

First, I taped this typed letter to her door:

Hi there! Welcome home from your vacation, and thanks for reading this note. Depending on whether you've already stepped inside or are still standing at your door, you may have now heard, or are about to hear, a loud chirping sound. Yes, it’s your smoke detector! And yes, it’s been going off for the entire time that you've been gone, which, by my count, has now been nearly three months. The smoke detector chirp — I assume the battery needs changing — may sound like the slightest inconvenience and even, perhaps the first few times, like something pleasant. But the [...]