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Selena, 'Selena,' and "Selenas"

Selena Quintanilla Perez was murdered on this day in 1995. 

If you lived in Texas in the 90s, as I did, you knew who Selena was even if you didn't listen to her music. Your or your friends hung posters of her band on their walls, wore shirts with a white rose on the back, and visited her memorial if you happened to be in Corpus Christi. Whether you understood Spanish or not, you sang along with her music on the radio because the lyrics were as familiar as any other big song from a Texas recording artist. You knew who Selena was because her music seemed to have infiltrated [...]


10 Years, Actually

Ten years ago this week, A.O. Scott reviewed Love Actually in the New York Times:

The film's governing idea of love is both shallow and dishonest, and its sweet, chipper demeanor masks a sour cynicism about human emotions that is all the more sleazy for remaining unacknowledged. It has the calloused, leering soul of an early-60's rat-pack comedy, but without the suave, seductive bravado. The worst kind of cad is the one who thinks he's really a sensitive guy deep down.

Nice try, Mr. Scott, but Love Actually is a movie overflowing with so much joy that what bubbles over shields it from all criticisms. Rowan Atkinson [...]


"I felt lighter and better, and all those clichéd things."

You know, at least I’m not lying saying “my girlfriend” anymore. And in all fairness, all my girlfriend jokes — for anybody who thinks, Oh, that’s sad, he had to make up whole stories — I didn’t make up whole stories; they were real stories, I just changed the gender. And by the way, if that doesn’t prove how much same-sex couples are the exact same as heterosexual couples, not once in my career did anyone ever hear a story I told and say, “Wait a second, that doesn’t sound like anything we … ” It’s all the same.

Vulture interviewed comedian Todd Glass (Louie, The Sarah Silverman Program) about [...]


Ice Cube's "Good Day" Found

This comes a week late for the 20 year anniversary, but someone has determined Ice Cube's "Good Day" occurred on January 20, 1992. How was that day for you?


"Please Give It Up For the Future of Hip Hop, Kanye West"

Kanye West's debut album, The College Dropout, came out exactly 10 years ago today. My favorite artifact from that album is this video of an unknown Kanye performing a verse from an unknown excerpt from "All Falls Down" on Def Poetry Jam some time in 2004. I dug this clip up for an 808s & Heartbreak appreciation, and I still love watching it—in part because it provides the unique experience of seeing a global superstar when he was unknown and nervous (or at least good at acting like it) and in part because of the way it recontextualizes a song so many know so well today, and sets up the [...]


“Tell Them About the Dream, Martin!”

When King arrived at the Willard Hotel in Washington the night before the march, he still didn’t have a complete draft. King called his aides together in the lobby, and they started arguing about what should go in the speech. One wanted King to talk about jobs, another wanted him to talk about housing discrimination. Finally King said: “My brothers, I understand. I appreciate all the suggestions. Now let me go and counsel with the Lord.”

King went up to his room and spent the night writing the speech in longhand. Andrew Young stopped by and saw that King had crossed out words three and four times, trying to find [...]


"The 9/11 Interactive Timelines"

For hearts that can handle it once again, The National September 11 Memorial & Museum has an overwhelming multimedia timeline on their website. Photos, videos, voicemails: it's all in there and would take you eons to experience — if you could get through the first phone call.


10 Years, Actually: Rufus

This is part of a week-long series celebrating the tenth anniversary of Love Actually.

We last saw Rufus in London Heathrow Airport. After helping Sam sneak past security, he gathered his topcoat and proceeded to his gate. New York. Non-stop. He hadn’t been to the city in nearly two decades, but was finally ready to return. After picking up extra holiday shifts at the jewelry store he was able to save enough for a two-week stay. It would be more than enough time find her, he thought. It would even be, perhaps, more than than enough time to fall in love again.

Though he never really fell [...]


"A Lady Who Followed Ever Her Natural Bents": Happy Birthday, Dorothy Parker

One of the first writers I discovered all on my own, as a teenager, was Dorothy Parker. I loved her from the very first lines of her biting, witty, and poignant poems about love and hate and life and death and men and women. To me, she reflected a type of writer I hadn’t yet encountered, and one I hoped to become: A woman who wrote with wryness and self-deprecation and honesty about what could be seen as universal life dilemmas, both small and large: One of my favorites of her stories involves a woman waiting for a man to call her, for her depiction of the ecosystem of [...]


Happy Banaversary

Happy 15th Anniversary to former sketch comic Eric Bana and Rebecca Gleeson — I think? I Googled their anniversary for a whole day a few months ago and found one or two references to this date so I set an alarm in my phone to remind me of when it was. It happens to be one week before his birthday as well, which is FOR SURE August 9. So he probably celebrated his birthday on their honeymoon, which is sweet. Happy early birthday, Eric! The 6' 2 ½" actor will be 44. What else can we say about Eric Bana? Everything?