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The Unfollowed Pie


Previously: The Heartland Pie

Ann Friedman is sorry this pie is so mean and understands if you need to unfollow immediately as a result.


The Normcore Pie

Previously: "The Allies Pie"

Ann Friedman is wearing a white turtleneck.


The Fur Pie


Previously: The Unsexy Pie

Ann Friedman is on trend.


Ann Friedman's Best Things of 2013

Best Thing I Transported in a Suitcase This Year: 10 lbs of frozen halibut

Best Thing I Transported in the Back Seat of My Car This Year: One large tumbleweed

Best Thing a Classic Sci-fi Actor Called Me This Year: “Ann Freedom”

Best Thing I Overheard at a Wedding This Year: "He's got moves no grandpa should have.”


The Heartland Pie


Previously: The Rom-Com Pie

Ann Friedman is thrifting her little heart out.


The Allies Pie


Previously: The Fantasy Sochi Pie

Ann Friedman made this chart at the behest of a straight white guy but identifies with it 100%.


The Unsexy Pie


Previously: The Polar Vortex Pie

Ann Friedman can only get it up for Uncle Sugar.


The Rom-Com Pie


Previously: The Normcore Pie

Ann Friedman has never had trouble sleeping in Seattle, though she does get lots of mail.


The Fantasy Sochi Pie


Previously: The Fur Pie

Ann Friedman is BRB inventing and constructing a snack luge.


The Polar Vortex Pie


Previously: Ann Friedman's Best Things of 2013

Ann Friedman lives in Los Angeles but is extremely empathetic.