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The Get-On-Our-Level Pie


Previously: The Hobby Lobby Pie

Ann Friedman needs the GOP to understand where she's at.


162 New Emoji We Need Right Now

"The Unicode Consortium — the organization that sets the standards for the near-omnipresent icons we know as emoji — announced Monday afternoon that it will be releasing a new batch of images in its latest 7.0 update." 162 suggestions follow.

Pickle Caftan Middle finger Fingers crossed Penis A-cup boobs B-cup boobs C-cup boobs D-cup boobs DD-cup boobs Small butt Large butt Smiley making “Miley face” Smiley with eggplants for eyes Smiley with dollar-sign eyes Smiley with bulging cheeks Lip-biting smiley Brown-skinned woman with one hand raised Brown-skinned woman wearing crown Brown-skinned woman with two hands above head Brown-skinned woman with arms in “x” shape Brown-skinned woman getting head massage [...]


The Sedentary Pie

Previously: The Pushy Pie

Ann Friedman will probably not exercise double next week.


The Hobby Lobby Pie

Ann Friedman is covered in glitter and shaking with rage.



The Cups Pie

Previously: The Harsh Mellow Pie

Ann Friedman runneth over.


"A Podcast for Long Distance Besties Everywhere"

Pie Chart Connoisseur Ann Friedman and Tech Lady Mafia Boss Aminatou Sow, long distance best friends, have teamed up to create Call Your Girlfriend, a podcast for long distance best friends. The first episode features discussion of "special IRL circumstances, smug Californians, the Obamacare struggle, menstruation clickbait, Beyonce’s influence, and drunk online shopping." Oh sure I suppose I could relate to some of those things. [CYG, Twitter]