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A Requiem for Molly, The "Archived" American Girl Doll

I’m not, strictly speaking, a Molly. I had a Samantha and a Kirsten, and both of them spoke volumes about who I wanted to be (privileged, so well dressed, urban) and who I was (Scandinavian, solidly built, rural). Chiara Atik has already written the definitive statement on what your doll says about you, and I don’t disagree with her assessment of Molly-owners:

If you had Molly, you probably wanted Samantha instead, but contented yourself with Molly because you too wore glasses, liked books, were bad at math, and would concoct various schemes to get attention. (Oh, Molly.) If you were a Molly, and had a Molly (as opposed [...]


Meet the Newest American Girl Dolls

According to the storyline, Cécile Rey, who is African American, and Marie-Grace Gardner, who is Causasian, are friends in New Orleans in 1853 when a yellow fever epidemic hits the city.

The newest American Girl dolls are plucky and resourceful, but they both get yellow fever and die. They cost $100 and come with little fans and replica mausoleums. Just kidding, they "live."


What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

Samantha Parkington: Did you know, when you picked her out, that Samantha was the cool one? Or were you simply drawn to her glossy brown hair, sophisticated accessories (she had a fur muff!) and rich demographic? Either way, every girl wanted a Samantha. If you owned her, you quickly learned the value of cachet.

By virtue of acquiring a status symbol early on (a Samantha doll was the designer jeans of third grade), you never quite had to worry about things the way other girls did. You therefore grew up to be confidant, capable, and nonplussed. You've always been well liked. You aren’t the funniest in your group, but you’ve [...]


Texts From the American Girls

nellie  nellie why didnt u come to the hedge today to the lessons hedge )for lessons) I'm sorry, Miss Parkington I wasn't able to get away in time and i was going to teach you more lessons  is this about my birthday party  are u mad at me no – Samantha – because i told you  its not that youre not my friend  you are my friend  I'm glad to be your friend u are just more of my FACTORY friend  and not really  my "birthday party" friend I understand guess how many kinds of ice cream we had  I don't know haha there are only three kinds of ice [...]



"There is a large swath of 20-something women who all appear to be afflicted with the same syndrome. It shall be called Mollyphilia. The Cult of Molly." —There is a large article in the Washington Post that appears to have been inspired by Chiara Atik's American Girl Doll piece on the Hairpin (she's interviewed in it, but they neither link to nor mention her post [Ed. — And now they do!]), and so far these are the best comments: "In true Washington Post fashion, they just can't get it right. Kirsten did not have 'fat blond ringlets,' but as was appropriate for a farm girl of her era [...]


Today's Toy Lunch

Last night while flipping through a friend's copy of the American Girl catalog, I was surprised to find that in addition to its usual updates (omg who's that? are those Uggs?? is that headgear???) the company is also now offering an accessory called the Allergy-Free Lunch. Which is a little vague but seems to cover peanut, egg, shellfish, and gluten allergies, although it's not entirely clear what's on the "sandwich skewers." Chicken? Tofu?

The complete Allergy-Free Lunch comes with food — a "pretend berry smoothie, container of vegetables," and the above-mentioned skewers (better pics here) — as well as "a medical bracelet and allergy stickers to [...]


Which Knockoff American Girl Doll Are You?

If you have a child but don't want to shell out the hundred dollars required for an American Girl Doll (thus denying him/her the opportunity to truly live), consider a Carpatina Doll, which is the same size, comes with trunkfuls of historical clothing and accessories, and costs between $69 and $89, depending on the elaborateness of its base outfit. Plus you can buy Carpatina boy dolls Adam and Carter.


There are suits and knight outfits for Adam and Carter to wear, and although they don't come with historical books about them the way American Girl Dolls do, they do [...]