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The Madewell Museum of Human Curiosities, Year 2143

Welcome to the Madewell Museum of Human Curiosities. I am your tour guide, Jornts. If you are descendant from human, please step through this scanner to cleanse your sub-level hybrid body of its hazardous germs. If you are an alien, here is a complimentary Leopold Scone, made from the blood of a Leopold serpent and the essence of DW-40. Slurp it up with your fifty tongues. We won’t watch.

Today on our tour we will be looking at selections from the Madewell store, a pre-Alien Revolution establishment that sold clothing to young human women, and whose name appears as the 428th lie in the book of Lies Humans Told, as [...]


Smile! You Cannot Move Your Limbs and They Are Coming for You

In addition to the aforementioned International Happiness Day, it is also Extraterrestrial Abduction Day, which makes for some great synergy, when you think about it.

Do you think about aliens a lot? I do. When I was little, I worried that thinking about aliens too much would single me out for abduction. Largely because that seems to be how it worked out for Whitley Strieber, but he no longer believes his experiences were extraterrestrial in nature, he thinks his visits may have been, in a metaphysical sense, from the dead. The dead, talking to the living. But he's not sure.

Is that better, or worse? Would you rather [...]


Beach House's "Lazuli" Video

Good morning! Here's a strange and mildly spooky music video from the dream-pop duo Beach House, who released a new album last month, Bloom, that's currently available for $8.99 on iTunes.

Elsewhere: Little Daylight's clappy, tappy Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes remix, "Man on Fire." (Free MP3.)


Free Day

In an ideal world*, Leap Day would be like a loose balloon, thrillingly untethered from the rest of the calendar. In reality, though, it's a gray Wednesday and everyone's at work, like normal. But NPR has 24 ideas for putting the ap[p]eaL back in Leap Day, including "Listen to 11 great songs about time" and "take advantage of a February sales event — since the sale is lasting longer than usual." NPR, you're perfect.



Happy Alien Week

Hairpin pal and alien enthusiast Katie Heaney informs us that this week is ALIEN WEEK on the Discovery channel. I can't believe there was a time, all of 15 minutes ago, that I didn't know Alien Week existed. How did I live? Last night Discovery aired a two-hour special called Aliens: The Definitive Guide, which included commentary like this, from theoretical physical Dr. Michio Kaku:

The Hubble space telescope can see about a hundred billion galaxies. That's the visible universe. Each galaxy consists of about a hundred billion stars. Do the math! A hundred billion times a hundred billion is 10 sextillion. That's one with 22 zeroes after it.


A Third Gift for the Aliens

You know that scene in Contact where Jodie Foster hears what she thinks are the first thumpings of extraterrestrial communication, and which turn out to be binary bits of a Hitler broadcast the aliens are bouncing back to us? (I think?) Imagine if instead of that, they were bouncing back this montage of 2012 pop music/videos, which you've likely already seen, because it came out on Sunday and has more than a million hits, but which is wonderful in case you haven't and are jubilantly, mindlessly uplifted by things like this, as I am.

It's the third in DJ Daniel Kim's Pop Danthology series, making it — maybe? — the [...]


Aliens: Still Jerks

"I'm disappointed; I liked them coming. I was hoping to learn something. But they never talked to me or anything except to give me a message if I asked something. And the message was basically, shut up." —Photographer Steven Hirsch interviewed some alien abductees, including Terrance who hasn't been visited in awhile, at The International UFO Conference this spring.


Good Recent Questions From

Answers here.


Haunted Icebergs

If you were captivated/horrified by, or already familiar with, The Bloop — one of Chiara Atik's 50 Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark [in a Row] — here it is again, alongside five of its sister freaky noises, most of which are all too conveniently explained away as icebergs in motion. Although "it was just an iceberg" could be an interesting calming technique for other aspects of life.

(Video-accompanying text can be found here.)


But Do Aliens Have Souls

"Almost as many children thought the buzzing fly was closest to the alien when it was near his eyeless head than when it was near his eye-bearing chest. Meanwhile, the adults almost unanimously selected the chest-eyes." —A highlight from this delightful and strange article about where children and adults think the soul is located. (See the alien here.)