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Jane Velez-Mitchell on Addiction and Disease

Over at The Fix, a personal take on being both a cancer patient and an alcoholic.


US Housing Crisis Creates Thousands of Struggling Nightclubs

In Rancho Santa Fe a vacant home in the 18000 block of Avenida Alondra was targeted. The $5 million – 10,000 square foot mansion was host to nearly 400 teenagers. Deputies found drugs, alcohol and a live DJ.

Apparently, kids are still throwing parties in big houses meant for adults, except now they've found some that don't come with any furniture, antique photographs, or shampoo bottles to do anything to. Back in my day, we stuck to abandoned, carpetless, auto factories — and hotels that used to host visitors to said auto factories. The youth of today have it too easy, is what I'm saying. [via]


Quick Cocktails to Sneak Past Your Family

Even though you're well beyond legal age and your parents are beyond aware of your wine-chugging habits, peeling lemon rind into a homemade cocktail at Grandma's over the holidays will make your family think you're a lush. These people think of you as a tall version of the cutie-pie they used to put in Aladdin footie pajamas, not the boozehound who eats bagels in the morning out of necessity, not choice. The less they know, the better!

If you're the kind of girl whose mother will start sending liver-related Prevention articles on the regular if she realizes how much liquor her daughter actually enjoys consuming, it's time to get your [...]


An Abridged Lindsay Lohan Legal Troubles Timeline

So Lindsay is back in court today for something? And the judge could give her a year and a half in jail. When we heard this we were like, "Wait. What did she do again? How did this even start? Did she do something actually terrible or do people just talk junk about her all the time and this is a minor probation violation feedback loop she got in and now she'll go to prison? That is so crazy! Remember?" We needed to go back to the beginning, but we didn't care about, you know, everything. TL;DR to the max. What we needed was an Abridged Lindsay Lohan Legal [...]


And They're STILL Not Empty? Come on, People.

If the former homeowner were an "alcoholic," wouldn't those antique bottles of whiskey in the attic be empty? "Only users lose drugs," or whatever the alcohol version of that is.


Your Fruit Fly Has a Problem

Fruit fly larvae have unusually high alcohol tolerance, which scientists used to think was because they happen to feed on yeast in rotting fruit. Turns out they’re in it for the alcohol, too—as medication. According to a new study*, alcohol protects them from the wasp parasites that lay eggs in fruit fly larvae… Despite what certain human drinkers out there may claim, these are the first results that show any organism successfully self-medicating itself with alcohol against infection.

Are you rolling your eyes at us with that last sentence? Moral of this story: never pour alcohol down the drain.


It's Cocktail Time!

Do you think Aunt Sandy could get behind this one?


Horse-Milktinis and More

"Kumiss, which is an alcoholic drink made from fermented mare's milk, was popular in the Middle East, but was only drunk in European countries when recommended by a physician." —Drink like a medieval person.


Happy Hour: So You Have a Citrus Allergy … Now What?

Is it something in the water? A handful of you have recently emailed me, all with a similar plight:

So, I'm not a big drinker, but my friends are. And I want to start making fancy drinks with my friends, but the big issue is that one of them is allergic to citrus. I KNOW. As someone who also has food allergies (that don't usually pertain to drinking, thank g-d), I totally feel her pain on trying to navigate special requests and generally feeling left out on varying kinds of deliciousness. So what are some great cocktails that don't involve lemons or oranges or limes (this includes sodas, which [...]


RIP, Sweet Riesling

It's not only OK now to for you to admit you love gross sweet Riesling, but if you don't start buying tons of it, it's going away forever. (Don't let the door hit you in the ass, disgusting, cheap tasting, opposite-of-delicious, sweet Riesling!)