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The Best Time I Lived With 100 Sled Dogs in Alaska and Learned How to Be Alone

May 26, 1994: “It’s only been two days [since I arrived]… and I am in charge of Lot A dogs. Susan had to go into town for a few days so she showed me how to do everything and now I am here by myself.”

Twenty years ago this summer I was living just south of the Arctic Circle, taking care of more than 100 sled dogs. Their care was relatively simple. It was summer, so the dogs were off-season and mostly just jumping around on their six-foot chain leads, sometimes breaking loose and getting into fights or running off into the woods. My job was to feed them, [...]


New York to Alaska, on Motorcycle

Diana Bletter is also known as The Mom Who Took Off on Her Motorcycle.

Edith Zimmerman: So, Diana, you drove a motorcycle from New York to Alaska a few years ago, as we all do from time to time. Question one: Whaaat!!

Diana Bletter: I thought the same thing the whole time I was riding. I’m still convinced that a stunt woman who looks just like me rode the bike. I was terrified some of the time. About 99 percent of the time. Also, everyone thought I was insane. My mother stopped speaking to me. One of my husband Jonny’s friends, this tough motorcycling dude whom I call Mr. X [...]


Cheeto Aliens Slide Onto Alaska

A mysterious orange goo has washed up on the shores of a remote, northwest Alaskan village, the Associated Press reports. Authorities say that tests conducted on the surface of the water are inconclusive.

Lines spoken during a nightly news segment in an alien horror movie, or actual thing that's happening?


When Will A Woman Win the Iditarod Again?

This was supposed to be a very different post. When I went to bed last night, it was almost a sure thing that for the first time in over twenty years, a woman would win the Iditarod. But when I woke up…alas. My dreams of a matriarchal utopia of ice and puppies had been dashed.

The Iditarod, as you may know, is an annual sled-dog race through more than 1000 miles of Alaskan wilderness, from Anchorage to Nome. The event it commemorates—several mushers relaying medicine to Nome in time to quell a diphtheria epidemic—took place in 1925, but the race itself didn't come into [...]


Three Alaskan Reporters Head to a Sports Bar to Find Romance, Beer

Alexandra, Stephanie, Lauren

The fishermen look us up and down as we walk through the door of the local sports bar. They’re quizzical, then mostly apathetic. They continue to play pool, check their phones, do anything but approach us. The bearded guys hunched over their beers continue to stare at their beers.

We’re too late for open mic, but a rousing rendition of Joan Osborne’s “One of Us” later rises from one of the tables.

Our table. The male-to-female ratio at the bar is about five to one, but we’re six women and one gay man.


While two reporters from The Washington Post may have spent four days [...]


A Visit to a Ghost Town: Whittier, AK (Pop. 223)

 “Want to go to the creepiest town in the world?”

This is how I first hear about Whittier, a former military base and current port on Prince William Sound, just over an hour’s drive from Anchorage. Tim mentions it amid other options for the day’s adventure: a climb up Wolverine Peak, a drive to Talkeetna to visit a brewery. I’m all about hiking and drinking—and came to Alaska with precisely those low-rent ambitions—but a creepy town at the end of one of the country’s most scenic drives? Hell, yes. I can hike and drink anytime.


I had polished off a book of essays about the [...]


Alaska Is for <3rs

Disappointed by a particularly lonely weekend in Virginia, the sweetly nerdy Mental Floss retires to its room to mathematically figure out, for next year's vacation, the state that's actually for lovers.