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Don't Ever Let Famous People Tell You What To Do

This is an inscription I have in a book from John Hodgman. I was not actually there to get it, I was busy farming in New Zealand (as the inscription hints). While I was there, my now husband/then "it's complicated" went to a book signing, where he was apparently very nice and spent a long time talking to everyone who went up and got their books signed.

My man told Hodgman the second copy was for me, that I was busy farming and fiNdinG mYseLF across the world, but that I was an aspiring writer and maybe he could write some advice for me. I got "Give [...]


Retroactive Heartbreaks, Above-Board Romances, and Constant Ultraserious Shouting About Things

I'm a twenty-five year old woman who is thinking about trying to date women. I've always had what I'm realizing were crushes on women, but have never talked about or acted on them. Do you have suggestions for the most respectful way to go about this, on say, OkCupid? I don't want to make anyone feel like a test subject or safari ride. For the record, I'm looking to date women and men casually, not try somebody out and ghost, but I totally understand why it would make someone feel uneasy.

As I mention pretty regularly, it’s okay to begin dating somebody without being sure whether you’ll end [...]


Friendships with Men, Jokes about Men, and Spiderwebs for Catching Men

How would you describe your friendships with other men, and do you wish they were different? Hah! Ugh. This is a timely question, because I am currently making a concerted effort to develop more male friendships. Not an easy thing for me! I'm not really sure why that is? I mean, I have theories. Among them: men are mostly terrible. The only thing worse than a man is a group of men. I should know! I am a man, and I've been a man in a group of men, and I'm sure I've been a terrible man in a group of terrible men. It happens! Anyway, the point [...]


Ask Baba Yaga: Am I Watching Too Much Television?

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Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Get Over A Terrible Boss?

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Ask Baba Yaga: Should I Put Out The Fire In My Belly?

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Precious Emotional Energy, Getting a Haircut, and The Gay Man's Crush-o-Meter

Last winter I went to an art museum with my mom and girlfriend. We ran into a lady who frequented my place of work (retail). We'd always been friendly and had known each other (in a work-customer relationship way) for a few years. I’ll call her "Jane". Jane approached us to say hi, and I introduced my girlfriend.

Jane: Ooh, girlfriend? As in, a friend or a mate? Because my daughter just told me she has a girlfriend and that she's fluid! Are you fluid? What does that even mean? Me: That means she isn’t attracted to just one gender. Jane: Oh! So, let me ask you something, I'm [...]