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Mad Men: “It’s Nice to See Family Happiness Again”

You can choose your friends but not your family, wrote Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird; it’s a sentiment that carries through last night’s Mad Men, though it has a twist, because in a time in which the standard definitions of family begin to fluctuate and expand, the boundaries between families and friends and even coworkers blur as well. And, with family, to some extent, you do choose—you can choose your wife or your husband; you can choose to leave (like Roger’s daughter); you can choose to suppress (like Peggy, like Roger) or even recreate (like Don).

Last night’s show, the second to last we’re getting in the first [...]


Appity Rap, Rappity App

80 Bites is an app, or a diet, err I mean not a diet, but like a… plan? Who cares? Point is, if you're gonna continue promoting your products with raps, lame American companies, this just set the bar a lot higher.


Writer's Block

The moral of this ad for being born a Coppola fancy clothing is when you are all out of good ideas, go get drunk at a party and then try to get hit in the head with a champagne bottle. That will shake things up! (The Coppolas do not make actual champagne so you're on your own with that one.) Unrelated… or is it? Yes, it is: here's a 22-minute rap that is pretty great for at least the first five of those, which might say something about how long songs should be.


Titles of Best-Selling Books Had the Publishing Industry Decided to Do Product Placement

All the Kikkoman's Men

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Sbarro's

Running With Sizzler's

What We Talk About When We Talk About Mountain Dew: Code Red

Tender Is the Tasti D Lite

The World According to AARP

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Mayer

The Grapes of Welch


Soap Is the Devil

According to this Dove commercial, soap is your skin's worst enemy. But that's just the beginning.  

Soap is stripping your skin of its essential nutrients.

Soap is drying you out.

Soap is making you scaly.

Soap is rubbing off your outermost epidermis layer.

Soap is irritating your innermost epidermis layer.

Soap is eliminating all your dewy beauty.

Soap is bringing out your wrinkles.

Soap is giving you a rash.

Soap is scratching you like sandpaper.

Soap is scratching you like a cat.

Soap is scratching you like your younger sister.

Soap is turning you into a hag.

Soap isn’t returning your texts.

Soap is leaving the AC on [...]


The Actual Couple Seem Sweet and Funny

Where slim women and professional men meet and exchange protein strands.


Always Allow Popups

Artist Jonathan McIntosh made a more realistic OR totally silly — depending on your dream vision of the future — version of the Google glasses promo video that came out yesterday. What a living nightmare! Luckily, you could just take the glasses off… if they let you! [via]


Future Questions in Women's Advertising

"Want younger looking eyes?" asks a new Olay commercial for Regenerist Eye Serum. Wait, can eyes actually look old? According to Olay, they can. Some other questions sure to pop up in women's advertising soon:

Are your lips immature? Are your nail beds feeling anxious about work? Are your wrists finicky eaters? Is your hair rude? Do your knee caps look like they could use a vacation? Are your breasts avid readers? Are your fingers confused? Do your earlobes want to get into college early? Does your belly button feel lonely? Are your knuckles always ten minutes late? Is your right shoulder tone deaf? Is your arm hair moving [...]


Actually Political Political Ads

Spend the rest of your afternoon watching this glorious collection of presidential campaign ads from 1952-2008. Not a one is to be missed, but if you go for darker themes, 1964 & 1968 are particularly painful. "Children should have lots of Vitamin A and calcium, but they shouldn't have any Strontium-90 or Caesium-137. These things come from atomic bombs and they're radioactive. They can make you die." — this spoken by a breathy female over the moving image of a little girl licking an ice cream cone. Also, Jackie Kennedy delivers one in Spanish. Eat your hearts out, 2012 campaign managers.

Oh, and we can talk about [...]


Tell Us What You Really Think, Kayak

"Mostly, I just thought the show sucked." —Kayak just issued a press release explaining why they pulled ads from All American Muslim and it's pretty much the best reason.