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An Interview with Lina Piloplyte, Director of Advanced Style

In 2010, filmmaker Lina Piloplyte teamed up with Ari Seth Cohen to create short films of the subjects of "Advanced Style," Cohen's style blog women over 50. The short videos were wildly successful, and after the release of both a coffee table book and a coloring book, the pair Kickstarted a campaign to fund a full-length documentary, raising over $20,000 more than their goal.

The film premiered in New York last Friday, and is on its way to theaters across the country; I talked to Lina briefly the morning of the premiere. Here's my grandma's review, emailed to me last week after we watched it together: "Thanks [...]


"You Think I'd Be Wearing These Things of My Own Choice?"

Rita has a bunch of sunglasses. Here's a better look at her collection. Rich, she's gunnin' for ya!


Advanced Style's 10 Best

Which of these women are you going to become? (It's a tie between #4 and #10.)


Quit Drinking at 55

If you didn't catch it, the name of her brooch designer is Andrew Logan whose 6'8" bust of Elizabeth Taylor is listed for $35,000 on Ebay.