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Wherefore Art Thou, Sex Scenes?

"The 10 Best & Worst Movie Sex Scenes To Keep You Company On Valentine's Day."


Beyond Sparkle Motion: A Q&A with Beth Grant, Character-Actress Extraordinaire

If you've watched any movies or television at all in the past three decades, then you know Beth Grant better than you think. The prolific character actress has appeared everything from Rain Man (her first big break) to Donnie Darko (in which she stridently doubted your commitment to Sparkle Motion) to No Country For Old Men. Her most recent film, The Artist, screens this week at the New York Film Festival, and next week Grant will be the guest of honor at a monthly NYC event, Meet the Lady, where she will be joining me (me!) to screen and discuss selections from her vast  body of work. [...]


John Corbett Has a New Gig, Probably as Aidan

My guess is that John Corbett's upcoming character on Parenthood, of a shadowy ex-husband and baby daddy to Lauren Graham's character, is going to be mild-mannered and sweet and subtly, almost stonedly grinning all the time, except when he is made to be sad, despite also being a "recovering alcoholic-musician" (nice compound career description by Deadline). Corbett has not exactly been away; he's been playing the husband on The United States of Tara, and then he appeared As Himself, as it were, this past summer in Sex and the City 2. But let's take this opportunity to ask: whither John/Aidan? Who he be?


Sixth Senses, Approachability, and the Penniless Nomad Actors

My fiancee just returned from a three-week tour. He's a musician and his band was on tour opening for a national act. We've been together for about two-and-a-half years, known each other for five. I'm also six months pregnant. He called me pretty much every day or night to check in and never went MIA. He's never cheated on me in the past (that I know of), but I just have this feeling in my gut he did this time. I don't know what it is, but I just can't shake the feeling he did. It's like a pregnant sixth sense is screaming at me 'he's a cheater!' and [...]


I Love You, Paz de la Huerta

Paz, you're a mess. You're sloppy, you're frequently drunk and naked, and you rarely seem to give a shit. I love you, and I think I'm attracted to you as well. You have a ridiculous tattoo that I love, and a weird face I can't figure out. It's beautiful and strange. (Why is it so strange? Is it the makeup? Is it just the way your face is? Are you just constantly making the same loosely trouty, shelf-lip expression? Ahh Paz, your face! I love your face. I want to put my thumbs on your face? I'm not sure. I think I [...]


Unasked-For Anecdote: A Famous Person I Acted Like an Idiot About

A few years ago I went out on a date with a C-list actor (or, like, D- or G-list — are you impressed?) who took me to a screening of a WWII documentary he was involved with. He was very nice, it was a good documentary, and we went out to breakfast afterward (the screening was early), where he talked about the making of the documentary and about all these WWII things. I tuned most of it out, though, because I was extremely nervous, and also because I had just gotten a mosquito bite on my cheek and was focused on staying turned slightly to the left, and [...]


Mikala Bierma's "Uncastable" Project

Hairpin friend and movie enthusiast Bobby Finger is Uncastable Actor No. 3 in the lovely Mikala Bierma's very funny video series of the same name. Door.

(Uncastables Nos. 1 and 2 are Nathan Lehmann and Jordan Klepper. Hi, Jordan! Hi, Nathan, also.)


F/M/K: William H. Macy, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John C. Reilly

Natasha: Oh, Julie, remember 1999, wobbling along the edge of a millennium, when the word ‘aught’ was nothing more than an arcane dictionary entry — we, the accountants of pop-culture, lamented about the future like two lugubrious characters from a Tony Kushner play? The cinematic runes spelled doom for us: American Beauty, The Matrix, and, god help us, The Green Mile. It seemed as though the fires of virility and danger of the mid-‘90s, you know, the kind that involved Chloe Sevingy’s nipples, were snuffed out under the mawkish gauze of the Ron Howards and Sam Mendevis. When it seemed that we would all have to endure another decade [...]