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I Want to Know More About These Men

This vaguely interesting thing about chocolate and acne does include this little gem: "A 2011 study also found that chocolate consumption worsened acne, but the study involved only 10 men who consumed pure chocolate."


Acne Makes Us Do Crazy Things

A few weeks ago, I was reading all about the crazy things that Accutane did to people’s bodies. I read about faces flaking off, poopy pants, and the creepy surveillance of sexual habits. I read about deformed babies and weird drug testing and generalized anxiety about putting very, very strong drugs seemingly intended for large barn animals put into our bodies.

But I read all of this, and I was like oh man, that’s nothing. I would endure all of that AND MORE. I would have a baby and dry socket post-wisdom-teeth extraction and a tooth abscess and shingles if you could promise me that the rest of [...]


Where Are You Growing Your New Zit?

Yesterday I was pretty sure mine was going to be on the outside of my nose, but today it seems it's more on the inside. What about yours?

Photo by irina.roibu, via Shutterstock


What Are We Gonna Do About Acne?

What do humans and Mexican hairless dogs have in common, besides the fact that we both need to wear sweaters in the winter? We're some of the only species on the planet that suffer from acne. What luck! Slate has an interesting account of how we ended up suffering this unique fate, and it seems our problems date back to the time when our ape-like ancestors began to have less fur.

"[T]he evolution of our sebaceous glands, which were accustomed to dealing with hair-covered flesh, lagged behind this change in our appearance. As a consequence, all that oily and waxy sebum, normally committed to lubricating fur, hadn't much [...]


The Endless Fun of Adolescence

"Over the years, researchers have found that weight gain and moderate to severe acne — a problem that affects about one in five teenagers — go hand in hand, particularly among young women."


But How Disgusting Is My Face, Really?

Have you guys heard of this Visia thing? Neither had I when the dermatologist told me they just got the new machine and asked if I wanted to try it yesterday. It scans your face and tells you how old/ugly/gross you look compared to your peers. All the ladies in the office were like "Are you sure? It might be… I mean, it can be a little scary so only if you're sure."


Beauty Q&A: Sexy in Specs, Skin Picking, and the Secret to All-Day Makeup

I've worn glasses since I was nine years old. I like my glasses, but have never learned how to do eye makeup properly because of them. I've put on eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara a few times over the years but once I put my glasses back on it all just looked wrong and old-ladyish, somehow. Nowadays, I will put on a little mascara, but I usually do nothing. I want to play with color and shading! Is there a way for eye makeup and glasses to look great together?

This is one of the most common questions around here and, luckily, there is an answer! Do whatever Tina Fey [...]


When's the Right Time to Pick at Your Skin?


Right before you leave the house.

Right before you leave the house to go on a date.

Right before you leave to go on a date with a hot guy.

Right before you go on a date with a hot guy whose one “flaw” (but he can’t help it) is that he’s only attracted to women with perfect skin.

Right before you go on a date with a hot guy who hates bad skin and also has incredible vision.

Right before the hot guy with amazing vision takes you to a bar with fluorescent lights.


My Case With Accutane

“Have you or a loved one ever taken Accutane?”

These ambulance-chasing infomercials sound like a total sham until they suddenly apply to you.

“Have you or a loved one ever taken Accutane?”

My ears were still half-tuned out when I realized, why yes, yes I had.

“Then you may be eligible for a large sum of money.”

Go on…

“Accutane has been proven to cause serious side effects such as Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.”


“And you may be owed damages.”

Go on…


Nine Ways to Enjoy Adult Acne

1. Stare at your face and wonder if this is actually a joke. Think about your past. Is this karmic upswing? Ha, no totally, this is a joke. Right those wrongs, you jag.

2. It's important to use warm, NO, lukewarm water when washing your face. Here's how you find the perfect temperature: run the hot tap and let it really heat up. Using your fingertips as guides, adjust the cold tap with a scientist's precision. How does it feel to you? Good? You're on the right track, but get it to a point where it feels just perfect — it's so perfect that you could stand there letting [...]