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Some of Your Favorite Stories From 2011

In no particular order: – What We Have Going for Us

– Amusingly Horrible Things Moms Have Said

– Hate Actually

– What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

– The 17th-Century Breastoration: A Time Before Bras

– Women Struggling to Drink Water

– So You've Decided to Drink More Water


How Did You Get in There, Lady Band?

MTV Buzzworthy created this list of the nine most exciting new male musical acts of 2011, because the women are fine. People talk about Kate Bush a lot, and all lady bands are in at least one way like Kate Bush, so that must mean the lady bands are also being talked about a lot, or at least some of that time, which is too much time already. Anyway, somehow one lady act—Warpaint—slipped into the list, and by the way, that band is excellent, and props, I suppose, to MTV for making a little square piece of digital real estate for them. Stream their new album on [...]


A Modern Lady's New Year's Resolutions

In 2011, I resolve to stop video chatting in public places. It's going to be hard, because I don't have my own bedroom or a phone or anything, but I'll just keep reminding myself that my Macbook camera adds 10 pounds and my mirror doesn’t.


2011, in Quiz Form

The lovely folks at Mental Floss invite you to test your ability to remember anything about 2011. I passed, using a generous definition of passing.


Happy New Weekend!

It's Friday! The first Friday of this crazy New Year full of new and improved resolutions, possibility, and everywhere, death. Since 2011 has already broken its own built-in resolution by making us think the world is ending, we'll have to take this one day at a time from now on. It being Friday, you should move your activity from the device you're reading this on to, at the very least, a different device. Try to have some experiences this weekend, rather than just record them. Sit down and read this article about porn. And if you've been too busy on other browser tabs this week, [...]


What You'll Be Eating in 2011

Down with pork buns. Vegetables are going to be big in 2011! Also, Scandinavian cuisine, "approachable" seafood—is any seafood approachable, or even around, anymore?—and exotic citrus fruits. Plus, tiny, tiny portions of many different things, the "miracle berry," and "pure ingredients simply prepared." And probably plenty of foam and jus.


Decoding the Bird-Death Maps

Here's a visual representation of all the places birds have died en masse in the past couple days. We're basically living the opening montage of a movie about the apocalypse at this point. But what does it all mean? Well, if you zoom in and draw lines from each of the little e-pegs, you can see the birds are trying to tell us something.