the sky

Kensaye, "Moon" (Bjork Remix)

For a plinky, peppy start to the day, here's Haitian-French producer Kensaye's remix of Bjork's "Moon," from her Biophilia album (out now). Shout out last night's new moon (and its "meanings"), and moon reporter Alex Balk, for kicks.

Via David Allun Jones of the always interesting Mixtape Maestro.



It is disgusting outside in New York, but it is beautiful inside the computer on Klowdz, a cloud-drawing web game where everyone's a winner.


A Spectacular Time-Lapse Video of the Planet: 'Further Up Yonder'

I know we've been a little space-obsessed here recently, but this video, by film student Giacomo Sardelli, is just incredible. Things get especially beautiful when night falls, about halfway through. Ah! Good morning!



Happy Summer Solstice

If you want to understand what the summer solstice actually is, other than a long day when your ____ invites people over to decorate candles, the Kurdistan Planetarium put together this enchanting video, set to "Always With Me, Always With You" by Joe Satriani. If the song sounds familiar, you might be a Nicki Minaj fan.