the holidays

An Animated Christmas Card

In case you missed it, artist Cyriak Harris has made "something to remind us all of the true spirit of Christmas."


Eggless Nogs, Why Not

Eggnog is great. Or, it’s gross, because it’s brimming (sort of) with raw eggs, but it’s also totally tasty. So, you vegans or ovophobes, what to do? Well, you might want to try making one of these four egg-free eggnog recipes that we dug up from the dusty crevasses of the Internet and tried out. One thing helped universally: Bacardi.


Happy Pi Day From the Hair Pie. Hair Pin. Hairpin

As you may have noticed all over the internet, people are celebrating Pi Day today (March 14 a.k.a. 3/14) by posting pictures of pies featuring the pi symbol baked into them somehow. Although these pies are very cute and probably delicious, The Hairpin is celebrating Pi Day by sharing stories about pies, of which there are probably very few.

But here's one. Did you/do you know what a hair pie is? I didn't until this site was getting started and an esteemed colleague said something along the lines of, "Hairpin — everyone's immediately going to think hair pie." And I was like, "What? What's a hair pie?" And he [...]


Chris Needs to Go Christmas Shopping But Doesn't Have a Car

What kind of catalogs? L.L. Bean is good.



A Very Special Junk-Shop Gift Guide

Stop it with the big-box stores, you guys. Here’s a shopping tip: your local junk shops and thrift stores have thousands of gifts that your loved ones don’t even know they didn’t want. For example, the junk shop where I work has it all for every special person in your life, including this Gumby arrangement — a good option for your beach bum friend who also likes leafless plastic plants.


Grading Gadgety Gift Guides for Guys

Edith: Brilliant Wirecutter editor and gadget expert Brian Lam, I was wondering if you could offer any commentary on these "Gadget Gifts for Guys" recommended by Esquire. Also, what toothbrush do you use? And would you rather be given a chainsaw, cell phone, or bottle of mezcal this holiday season?

Brian: I've been thinking about how to approach my guide. I believe it's good service and people love it, and I think my angle is to build it around the Japanese idea of gift-giving. Which is, from wiki, "honno o shirushi de gozai masu ga / ほんのお印(しるし)でございますが, meaning, 'it only amounts to a symbol of my appreciation, but…' [...]


The Results of Groundhog Day 2011

This morning Punxsutawney Phil got out of his hole and did not see his shadow, which means spring will be early this year. Thank you, Phil! You can go back into your house now, you big gross rat.


Frosty the Cheeseball Man: "And Then You Get Sick and Throw Up Gray"

This is an audio/visual onslaught, but "he's going to be delicious, especially when everyone's drunk and stoned."



Pranks and April Fool's Day

It's April Fool's Day! Caught u laffin!

In second grade, the check-out system at my school library worked like this (are you hooked?): Every book had a pocket glued into its back cover, and every pocket held an index card with the book's title. You wrote your name on the index card, you gave the card to the librarian, and then the book was yours for two weeks. If you didn't return it within that timeframe, the librarian would know from the index cards, so she (it was a she, it was Mrs. Samuels) would send out a list to each classroom of who had checked out what, and by [...]


Happy Holidays From the Hairpin

We're off for now, but we'll see you next week (once a day)! Have a wonderful time with your families and/or friends! Eat delicious food, drink delicious drinks, wear seasonally appropriate makeup, tell stories that have endings, be nice to the people who make you crazy, talk at appropriate volumes, and tell the ones you love that you love them. Aw!

And here's a Christmas carol, because some of us truly love them.