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A Christmas Story

Christmas came, bringing with it the usual office quarrels and frozen pipes and upset stomachs, and then it was over.

Yule Log It!

A Christmas Story

Some Christmas & Non-Christmas Music

An Imaginary Conversation With My Potential Child When I Tell Her About Hanukkah

Holiday Gift Take-Backs

A Sci-Fi Christmas Story

Rapid Gift-Basketry

“How to Start Your Candy-Cane Collection in 23 Easy Steps”

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Shouter, and Blintzen


An Animated Christmas Card

A Very Special Junk-Shop Gift Guide

Frosty the Cheeseball Man: “And Then You Get Sick and Throw Up Gray”

Eggless Nogs, Why Not

Grading Gadgety Gift Guides for Guys

Pranks and April Fool’s Day

Happy Pi Day From the Hair Pie. Hair Pin. Hairpin

The Results of Groundhog Day 2011

Happy Holidays From the Hairpin