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Meet the Interns!

We're very happy to introduce our three amazing interns.

Elizabeth Baird lives in Brooklyn with her roommates. She has a job editing math textbooks, which thankfully doesn't require her to do any actual math. If she were a Sex and the City character, she'd be the plant that moves around Carrie's therapist's office in the episode that guest stars Bon Jovi.

Erin Magner is not the LA-based writer who writes for almost every major publication, but doesn't mind being confused with her. This Erin Magner mostly writes for kids and herself and will eventually start a blog once Twitter gets boring. You can read that here.

Haley [...]


Deleted by User

Deletion Explanations: November 4, 2011

12:47 a.m. Post in Question: Checking Back in With Qream Original Comment: Is relly noso bad u guys r eal if with icea crem Reason for Deletion: Hit “delete your comment” four times, reading it as “delightful comment,” and feeling mighty proud of myself. Deleted Within: 3 minutes, 58 seconds

9:22 a.m. Post in Question:  Women Struggling to Drink Water Original Comment:  “I don’t get it?” Reason for Deletion:  GOT IT, embarrassed about not getting it and Valley Girl intonation suggested by unnecessary question mark, forgave myself for not getting it by blaming it on a Qream hangover, did not forgive [...]


It's Six O'Clock Somewhere

Hey, look what time it is. And we're still here? That's right! The Hairpin will now be open for business one hour later, until 6p.m. Eastern, five days a week. (Dear California, This is a baby step toward hanging out with you all day.) So, no need to walk away from your desk just yet. Stay awhile! Kick back, take a load off. Have a drink? Come on, we won't tell.