Save the Mermaids!

You probably know and love the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, whether you’ve woven your way shamelessly and toplessly down its Brooklyn streets, leaving a trail of glitter and fish scales in your wake, or just admired it the way Gatsby watches that green light across the water. But it’s been there, glowing, since 1983, filling the streets of Coney Island with mermaids for one gorgeous and solstice-y Saturday every summer. And whether or not you’ve built a mansion to woo it, the Mermaid Parade is now in danger, due to the ravages of Hurricane Sandy, and needs your help. Otherwise it might be cancelled, leaving tens of thousands of mermaids [...]


Don't Forget to Not Go in the Swimming Pool

Swimming pools: still crappy. (And remember, one way or another, they will kill you.)


Death by Amoeba

"[She was] having fun just like any other kid would out in the water." —Until an amoeba swam up her nose and she died. Yet another reason to stay out of waters both chlorinated and un-. [Thanks, Sara.]


The Crushing Summer Foot Catch-22

[45 minutes of trying to make a Venn diagram] There should be a Venn diagram where one circle is the seasonal appropriateness of nearly bare feet, and the other is how shoes for nearly bare feet give you cuts and blisters, which make your nearly bare feet look ugly in their nearly bare shoes. Or: Summer shoes ruin your feet, so when you wear your summer shoes your feet look ruined. Also, here is a far better place to spend time and money.


Swimming Pools Still Swimming Pool-y

In case you're tempted to enter that devil's basin this summer, "Poop Prevalent in Public Pools, CDC Says." (Although "The world is covered in a fine patina of feces” — emphasis mine — so who knows.)


Doing the Limbo

You’ve done it. You’re done with one chapter of your life, and the page to the next one is half flipped, totally wavering in the wind. It’s f-ing time. But there’s an awkward week, maybe more — a gap between leases, a moving truck that refuses to arrive. So you go to your friend’s house, or, more likely, you go to your parents’ house, where you languish or luxuriate, depending on circumstances and availability of alcohol.

In truth, I’ve been limbo-ing all summer, lazing about Seattle, half-working, half-yoga-ing, mostly just having friends over and admiring our outfits. But this, this is the real deal. I’m in Northern Idaho and my [...]


Woman Is at Ease in the Water

There is not nearly enough information about these extraordinary photographs of a woman dancing with death in a spiderweb cape.


Jew Camp Confidential

If you’re a Jewish kid from New York City, you’ve most likely spent at least one of your adolescent summers tucked away at a Jewish sleepaway camp. Myself, I spent two summers at Surprise Lake Camp. My mom deemed me difficult and thought that having me sleep away somewhere in the mountains of Cold Springs, New York, would correct things. I had my heart broken the night before the end of summer dance; I spent every Friday evening sitting on the grass lip syncing prayers in Hebrew that I knew absolutely nothing of; I wrote back home complaining about the cruelty of my counselors and their monthly cleanup day (my [...]


Castles in the Sand

It's time to start gearing up for bikini season — in whichever way you choose. How about resolving to become a better sandcastle builder? Carl Java, who is from Cleveland where they actually do have beaches, believe it or not, has gotten quite a head start on all of us. Just imagine how good he'll be by June! If anyone figures out the spell he used to make individual grains of sand defy gravity, please share? [via]


Shark Week and Friendly Family Rivalry

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week brings up a lot of feelings for me: Fear. Awe. Happiness. Sadness. Regret. Hunger. Nausea. Then a little more hunger again.

Shark Week also makes me think fondly about my family, because I was raised by one hammerhead shark and one great white. Just kidding, it’s because I have a cousin who swims with sharks from time to time. She is the coolest, and her name is Mehgan Heaney-Grier.

We’re related, so we both have “Heaney” as all or part of our last name. The similarities pretty much end there.

1. Mehgan swims with sharks. Here she is, just hanging onto a shark (above). Like, [...]