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Important Alert: Jane Has a New Beauty Column!

Drumroll for Jane Marie's inaugural "Oh! You Pretty Things" advice column at Rookie, which is as uniquely wonderful as you could possibly dream.

I desperately want thick dark eyebrows like Ali Michael’s. I started growing them out, but then I realized that those eyebrows don’t look good on everyone. How can I figure out if they’ll suit me?

My general rule of thumb is that if you were born with it, it suits you. HA! Oh, I’m so sorry I just destroyed the whole beauty industry with ONE SENTENCE. Our work is done, folks! No, but I’m being serious. That’s not to say there is anything [...]


These Are the Bones That Were Her Eyes

"The clicks she heard were the bone fragments grinding against one another." —Whatever, you're probably going to read it. And then wait awhile before trading your Oil of Olay for a high-tech option.